What Are the Top Short Term Compliance Software?

Finding any type of software can be demanding and stressful. Finding a good short term rental software is not different. Properties owners need to be cautious when choosing a software since it can have an impact on their business. Check out the best host compliance software.


Kigo is a trusted platform that is used by the global rental industry. The software provides a complete short term vacation rental solution for property owners. Companies can use it to manage bookings, payments, maintenance, operations, and many more.


BookingPal allows you to list your vacation properties on a platform that has over 250 million audiences. This software features products and services that are designed to help vacation rental businesses increase their revenue, patronage, and efficiency.

Property Guard

This software allows you to have total control over your short term rental business. It comes with a smooth engine that aids people to find listings quickly. It also provides all the support you need in case you run into a situation. Property Guard offers you everything you will need in a good host compliance software.


Another host compliance software that is worth mentioning is 365Villas. This software is cloud-based, and it is designed to help companies track payments, manage reservations, and inquiries. This software allows companies to integrate their existing websites and booking platforms. With the 365Villas, you can integrate all old software and have everything in one place.


Smoobu provides all the essential features you need to run a successful short term rental service. It comes with a website builder, payments, communication, PMS, and even a guest application experience. The guest experience application allows guests to share their experience and thus increase your reviews. It also makes it easier for you to please guests since you know what they want.


Avantio is another software that connects you to top global rental websites. It has its channel manager and a comprehensive PMS. The company has been in existence for over 18 years, and they have continually made adjustments to suit the changes in the ever-growing rental industry.


This software is designed primarily for retreats and camps. This cloud-based solution allows rental companies to manage reservations, sell bookings online, communicate, organize bookings, and simplify workflows.


This is another cloud-based short term rental software that allows companies to manage their reservations. Other key features of this company online bookings, statistics, reporting, pricing management, and payment processing. The software provides everything you need to advertise your accommodation and draw more attention to your business.

Virtual Resort Manager

This is a cloud-based software that provides short term rental management solutions to both small and large companies. Key features of this software include online reservations, accounting, taxation management, guest surveys, employee management, cash flow tracking, and client management.

The host of compliance software mentioned above is known to make the management of short term accommodation easier. All the software that appears on our list have been reviewed, and have been identified to possess all the essential features of a good short term compliance software. Please visit here for more info: https://propertyguard.io