Malaga: A Spanish must-see for any couple


Spain definitely has one of the best environments  when we talk about romantic places. Its overall warm climate, numerous destinations, and vibrating nightlife that is usually found in its touristic cities make Spain a very appealing place when it comes to honeymoon destinations or romantic escapades.

One of its most accessible cities that is definitely worth of talking about is Malaga. AS one of Spain’s main touristic destinations, Malaga offers all kinds of commodities for its visitors, thus making it very easy to get around for those who don’t know the city, and even for those who don’t speak the language.

Malaga: always ready to make the visitor’s life easier

Whenever we´re out for some traveling we’re usually looking out for comfort and relax. In this aspect, Malaga is one of the best options, as this city has a very well settled touristic culture. Getting into this city without even having to drive around, as you can easily find Malaga airport transfer services that will also get you anywhere in town at anytime, transportation and orientation are just two things less to worry about.

However, you will definitely need the name for the attractions(or at least a reference)  so you can tell your driver where do you want to go. For this reason, here we share with you some of the best options when it comes to places to visit in this city.


  • A romantic dinner in Malaga’s downtown is a good start. Malaga has a wide range of terraces that will meet all your expectations and will turn that night into a magical day.
  • Go to a Spa together. You have worked hard for a long time and you can finally take a break. Wouldn’t you like to revitalize your bodies, rest and have a relaxing day? Spas are a perfect plan to do as a couple and Malaga has a good selection of centers where you will surely find what you are looking for.
  • Why not trying to do something more cultural? It is a matter of fact that Malaga is a rich place in cultural terms. Enjoy a romantic cultural evening, sharing a play, in one of the many theaters in the capital of the Costa del Sol. Both the Cervantes Theater and the Echegaray Theater are excellent options to fall in love with this beautiful art.
  • Are you into stronger emotions? Malaga and its surroundings are a perfect area to practice paragliding. Its currents, the proximity of its mountains and the sea, makes it the right place to practice this sport with your partner. There are several companies that offer these services, so it will not be difficult for you to find them.