Mark Roemer Provides You with Ways to Avoid Renting A Bad Apartment


Staying in a city with no permanent place of your own is a big challenge. And, searching for a house on rent involves a lot of research and an alert mind. There are scamsters waiting for you in the rental market and you should know the ways to avoid them. According to Mark Roemer, before renting an apartment, you should always check the neighborhood to know if it’s safe to live in that area.

The Ways

Here are some ways to avoid renting a bad apartment:

  1. Cash payment is a strict no-no – The easiest way to dupe the potential tenant is to ask them to pay in cash. Never pay any security deposit or advance payment, even if it’s for a month in cash as its quite difficult to prove such a deal and trace the money. If you see that either the landlord or the agent is insisting on cash payment, it is likely that they are going to vanish after taking the payment or there is some serious issue with the apartment.
  1. Always sign a written lease – A legal document is always the best bet to save you in times of distress. The tenancy agreement should be signed by both parties, the landlord and the tenant. Be very specific on the terms and conditions discussed to be put in clear words in the agreement. If there is any particular issue with the house, remember to mention it in the agreement. This saves from unnecessary hassles at the time of occupancy.
  1. Check the owner’s credentials – Just like how the owner can ask for your documents, similarly, you can ask for the ownership documents from the landlord. This would prove that they are the owner of the place and they have full right to rent out the place. Never sign an agreement if the owner says that the documents will be sent to you later.
  1. Meet the landlord face to face – Of course, you would meet real estate agents or brokers who would be showing you the apartments that have been put up for rent but when you zero down to an apartment, always insist on meeting the landlord in person. This gives you a better chance to know the person, the house, and the society around it. If the owner tries to avoid meeting you, it is a red flag. They may be a scamster or the house may not be perfect for you.
  1. Go through an authentic website – While searching for the rental properties around you, you are bound to take the help of the various websites available on the internet. Each area has a couple of their own authentic official websites, listing out the properties available for rent. These sites have valid address and contact details along with the house descriptions. Try to avoid online platforms like Craigslist when it comes to searching for apartments that you want to rent.


Getting a good rental apartment in a good location can ease out the major hassles of settling down in a new city. It’s half your job done. Mark Roemer feels that getting an apartment that is closer to your workplace is the key to finding your peace of mind.