Tackling Stress During Your Tough College Days

Stress can be technically defined as a physical phenomenon in the form of reaction to a stimulus that perturbs our physical and mental equilibrium. In other words, we can say there is a pervasive part of life. A stressful event can trigger a response of “fight or flight”, causing our body hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline to surge through the entire body which we experience at our emotive level as stress and mention the experience as ‘Stress’.

Since stress is mainly faced by the college goers who find the college life to be challenging in many aspect after their long habit of regulated school life. College goers are found to face a number of constraints. Duties and other things that are to be performed at university can be at a comparatively difficult level than anything you’ve ever faced before. And final exams can bring to you a whole new concept to the apparently known phrase “time of crisis”.

Difficulties are not usually found to end with academics or remain limited to it. Romance and love affairs along with complex multifaced social life can be a serious source of concern as they are fun at the same time. And many students are struggling to stay above the so called newly found freedom of living their lives away from home (especially for the hotelier or who opts to stay at mess). The trouble appears to be present all the way from the kitchen to laundry to managing a budget.

In response to these challenges, some college students are found to be lagging when it comes to homework, Even some are found to stop attending the course frequently or even worse – they turn to dangerous and risky coping mechanisms such as drugs or alcohol. Do not ever let this happen to you at any cost! Here are some thoughts/tips to manage your college life and keep your stress levels under control.

This will probably be your greatest source of stress. Homework may not be your favourite thing to do at the school level, but the same is not true for the time when you are pursuing under graduation, There it is a must-do to graduate from your college and securing the degree from the University! For each hour of class per week (equivalent to one unit), you should mandatorily keep aside 2-3 hours for the purpose of study outside of the classroom teaching learning. While studying, try to eliminate distractions as much as possible. This will help you to remain calm and stay focused. Choose a place that you’re comfortable with, either in the library, café, or in the student lounge. If the study for 2-3 hours per unit is not realistic for you, try to plan with a combination of some courses with difficult less difficult in the same quarter / semester. This will help you avoid feeling overloaded. Of course, if you like a particular topic, the study because it does not feel like an obligation. Hence, choose the classes that interest you. In fact, many educational consultants like Kalika Education Consultancy, New Delhi, are found to provide services related to time management and other issues under their umbrella of student counselling program, which may be found immensely helpful and useful.

For your complicated situation in your college life, there are many organizations which are there to help you out with their professional services run by the education counsellors. Kalika Education Private Limited is such an organization where you can look for any kind of help related to your academic issues or career and obtain free counselling and get benefitted.

Use the college environment to find a work-life balance. Being in college is the best time and setting for you to build lifetime relationships and expand your social and professional networks. Use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr in judicious manner. Join social groups and professional groups; participate in activities and have fun at the same time. This will allow you to relax and see things in the real world. Managing a professional profile on LinkedIn is also a very helpful option. It is never too early to widen the horizon of limitless possibilities. More importantly, learn the balance between working life.