Meeting a Fort Wayne auto accident lawyer? Ask these questions!

Indiana is an at-fault state. This means that if you ever get injured in a car accident that happened because of someone’s negligence, you can file a claim with their insurer, seeking compensation. Don’t underestimate the damages and losses related to such accidents and crashes. Besides impending medical bills and long-term medical care, one may have to lose out on present and future income. To get compensation that you deserve, you must consider consulting a Fort Wayne auto accident lawyer. In this post, we are sharing the questions you must ask on the first meeting. 

  • What is your evaluation of my claim?

Car accident laws are not that simple. Indiana follows the “modified comparative negligence” rule. If a party is found to be at fault but has also suffered injuries and losses, their compensation will be reduced by percentage of their fault. Take this simple example – when you are 20% at fault and your compensation is evaluated at $10,000, you can still get $8,000. 

In the real world, circumstances are often more complicated. The at-fault party and their insurer may try to use available evidence against your claim. To know if you have a valid car accident lawsuit and for understanding the expected settlement amount, you must talk to an attorney. 

  • What is your experience with comparable cases?

No two auto accidents are same. Many factors determine how liability is established. Ask the lawyer if they have handled cases similar to yours, and more importantly, what were the outcomes of these lawsuits. While most auto accident lawsuits are settled outside of court, you may want to know about courtroom experience of your lawyer. You can ask details of their landmark cases and top settlements too. 

  • Can you explain your fee and other costs?

Some attorneys take up personal injury cases on a contingency basis. The lawyer doesn’t get paid if they don’t win – Simple. If the lawyer wins a settlement, the contingency fee will be pre-decided percentage of the settlement. Most auto accident attorneys charge anywhere from 25% to 40% of the settlement, depending on the facts of the case.  

The statute of limitations in Indiana only allows two years from the date of accident to file such lawsuits. Don’t delay in contacting a lawyer, because the initial investigation is important. Also, your lawyer can work on building the case, just in case things end up in court.