Reasons to consult a car accident attorney in LA

Car accidents are unfortunate, but can happen to anyone. A lot of people in California, however, do not know much about laws, or how to file a claim for compensation, if someone was responsible and liable for causing the accident. If you have the misfortune of getting injured in such an accident, you may want to consult one of car accident attorneys Los Angeles. Here are some reasons to contact an accident attorney. 

  • Because California follows the “pure comparative negligence” rule

States that follow the “pure comparative negligence” rule allow people to file and recover compensation, regardless of their share of fault. However, the eventual compensation will get reduced by the percentage of their fault. Take this example – You suffered injuries in a car accident and your losses and damages have been marked at $50,000. At the same time, it was found that you were 70% responsible for the accident. In such circumstances, you can only recover $15,000 (30% of the compensation). In states that follow the “modified comparative negligence” rule, one cannot file a claim or recover anything if their share of fault is more than 50%. 

In the real world, the other party will do their best to avoid paying compensation, and their insurance company may adhere to other tactics. You need an accident attorney, who can protect your rights and interests. 

  • Because you need to know the worth of your claim

The big reason why you need an accident attorney is to know your claim better. Experienced lawyers can guide on the merits and demerits of your case in depth, and they can help in reviewing your options. In California, you can recover for economic and non-economic damages, but let an experienced attorney evaluate that for you. Don’t be tempted to accept the first offer made by the claims adjuster. 

  • Because negotiations can be hard

When it comes to dealing and negotiating with the insurance company, things may not move as smoothly as expected. You may want to allow a skilled accident attorney in LA to work on your behalf. They know when to agree to a settlement, but if things don’t move as planned, they can go for a trial too. 

The statute of limitations in California only allows two years to file personal injury lawsuits, from the date of accident. As such, you should consider meeting and consulting an attorney immediately after your accident.