Menorca: Beauty and comfort in one single experience

As one of spain’s most dazzling hidden jewels, Menorca seems to be just one of many Spanish Island scattered around the ocean. It turns out that this single place packs a whole lot of different options for entertainment across its wide surface of 696.7 km². Crystal clear sapphire colored ocean (and all the different activities that can be done on them), exuberant beauty in nature, gothic architecture along with medieval styled constructions around the island are all worthy of visiting across the island, and with over a hundred choices of stunning beaches, tourists may certainly face an overchoice paradox given the little time that a summer escape gives to the customer.

How to deal with schedules and get the most out of them?

Most of touristic places will offer guidance and tours around the cities, but it is a matter of fact that these tend to be too generalized and don’t offer the guests the chance to actually explore all of the options in their preferred order (as they have to adjust themselves to the hotel’s tourist guide program). But there’s a much simpler way to get the most out of your vacation and travel all around the island at your own free will: renting a car.

This seems to be an scary options for many tourist (and their wallets) as a simple look for car hire Menorca on google will give many different options with different prices, but there are certainly some of them that will give the customer  many different models (and budgets) to choose from so they can make their trip experience (and schedule) a lot more personalized and relaxed.

How to choose what model should I rent?

Choosing a single model to move around the island the whole time you’re in there can be a tricky situation that will always depend on both the budget that you had made for the trip, and the kind of company that may be along with you in this trip (and thus, the activities that will be done during that time)

– Alone? Then why should I expend more on this SUV that will also consume more gas? Isn’t this small single car enough for my needs? (maybe, if you’re the adventurer type, a motorcycle will do)

-Friends? That nice sports model looks quite tempting now, and even more if all of your friends will help with the bills at the end.

-Family? This is when that SUV or that family car starts looking more tempting as you don’t want to make a trip around the island with the back seats covered with beach toys and/or snacks; you’d better have some extra space to make it all more comfortable.