Mistakes to avoid in Forex trading

Forex trading has become a popular option for investors looking to diversify their investing profiles.

Experienced traders and complete beginners have access to the Forex market today, without as many restrictions. This means that while it has become a more open activity, the innate risk of any trading transaction is sometimes higher if investors are not appropriately prepared or educated.

Let’s discuss some of the mistakes new traders should avoid inForex trading, and how to make wiser, more profitable trades in Forex.

Forex requires a minimum education

Starting into Forex without any trading education maximizes your risk. Many believe in beginners’ luck, but in Forex, it is all about strategy and long-term goals.

Yes, some may be lucky that one time off when starting, but will soon discover that without the proper education in trading Forex, things are not as easy as they look, and this mistake can prove costly.

Managing risk is a must in Forex trading

Forex trading comes along with very high risk. In some cases, investors may lose more than what they had initially invested.

That’s why it is always recommended to use stop-loss orders as a risk management option.

While risk is never out of the equation, there are certain strategies that can help you manage your investments in a much safer way.

For example, clearly knowing how much you are hoping to make in each transaction and what’s the maximum loss you can afford (and stopping when you reach that).

Among other strategies, truly it all comes down to having a plan and sticking to it.

Do not abuse leverage

Margins and leverage are two of the tools that apply in Forex and probably those that attract most to the world of Forex trading.

First, you need to understand how leverage works, since using it wrong (or abusing it) is a very expensive mistake that new investors make.

But,what is leverage? It is a tool that allows traders to invest more money than they actually have, aiding in maximizing their income. Sounds great and it is, but only if it is used in the context of a wider profitable strategy.

As leverage increases the chances to make a profit, it also equally maximizes the risk of loss.

Know how much you can earn with Forex trading

New investors are usually attracted to the world of Forex by unrealistic expectations and a belief that they can make much more money than what in reality they make.

Forex is not a “get rich quick” scheme and is not gambling either.

Beginner traders should set up realistic and small goals that are achievable, and that comes only from education and experience in Forex trading.

Choose your broker wisely

Finally, there is the matter of choosing a Forex broker that will work with you, offering new traders the necessary education and the tools to earn the experience they need, and avoiding some of the mistakes we have mentioned.

Your Forex broker is the one that decides the margins and leverage you can use, and they also have a variety of educational tools at the trader’s disposal that should help make wiser investments and get started in the world of Forex.

Some of the best Forex trading brokers include IG, Saxo Bank, Fineco, Interactive Brokers, and CMC Markets. They all shine for different reasons and new Forex traders are encouraged to research which one suits their needs better.


Getting started in Forex is easy. Being successful in Forex trading requires work, education, and experience.

Investing in your own Forex education is the best path toward more profitable exchanges and it guarantees you will avoid the mistakes we have listed above.