Modern education methods


With the advancement of time, the educational bodies have become increasing, and the reason for this is due to the increasing demand for students to education, as the school is considered an educational institution that provides various lessons for all its categories, and after its completion, students move to universities, which are considered one of the most developed places, and include students from all The districts, in which the teacher relies on the new methods of education, but as a result of scientific progress, students of some schools have become using more advanced devices in their education.

The teacher uses multiple methods to assist his students in the speed of understanding and learning, because the teaching process is one of the processes that are pre-planned, so that students are helped to acquire skills, and to achieve this, the teacher resort to many strategies, one of which must be chosen, but within A group of factors are related to the personality of the teacher, so the teacher has self-confidence in him is very important in the method of education, as well as the level of students and the material that is taught, and the ways in which the appropriate education method is chosen must revolve around the method of speech, and that a discussion be held among students, Then he rises The teacher makes a brainstorm for each group of students, in order to know the levels of students, and discover new ideas from them.

Learning methods

Traditional methods

Regardless of the method used by the teacher, the student also plays a role in understanding the lessons, through his focus, just as the method that is used in teaching even if you cannot communicate the information as a whole, the student can work it into parts, and among these methods:

The lecture method: which is considered one of the most used methods, and is called the recitation method, as it is based on the principle that the teacher is the one who possesses information, and that students must listen to it, and from its name it appears to us that the teacher explains to the lesson orally, while making some movements to clarify the idea.

Discussion method: where the aim of it is to raise issues for students, in order to create a meaningful discussion between them, and the teacher intends to follow them is the student’s self-familiarization.

Method of questions: This method is considered old and still being used, and is done by asking the teacher questions to students, in order to increase their participation and activity.

Modern methods

As for the modern methods, which are used in developed countries, they include:

Committees method: which divides students into groups, taking into account the differences between them.

Project method: By introducing students to projects that interest them, then reviewing them and collecting information about them.

Method of solving problems: It aims to solve problems by dividing them.

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