We can’t say exactly when our Moonshine was born, because the Andersons passed on their family recipe orally over generations. But what we do know is this: the recipe was first written down in the late 19th century. On the last pages of a cookbook. Actually, it wasn’t that important, because the Andersons continued to burn for experience.

Then it happened: the Volstead Act of 1920 forbade the consumption of alcohol. But the shot went wrong. Instead of decreasing, alcohol consumption shot up and it was produced more than ever. Everywhere gangs sprang up like weeds and while they were doing business with illegal alcohol, our Moonshine did not collect dust.

Our lovely drink was still produced and tasted, but now in the dark of the night and the forest. The shining moon was also responsible for the name of our liqueur. Fortunately, the end of prohibition came for 13 years and the black distillery continued to decline. After all, you were no longer forced to hide from drinking alcohol. But our Moonshine was not forgotten, the Andersons remained loyal to him.

Almost a century has passed and a lot has changed, but not our Moonshine. It’s still the old one we love. That is why we dedicated ourselves to bringing it among the people and helping it to its well-deserved fame. Take a look at our online shop on and on Amazon, where you can get our delicious Moonshine in the fruity varieties Wild Berry, Peach, Caramel and Mango Curcuma.

Prohibition ends today!