You may know of Maddie Ziegler for many different reasons; you might know her as the young and confident dancer on ‘Dance Moms’, or you might know her as the little girl who stars in Sia’s Music videos. Today she still regularly works with Sia in her music videos, but she has also become heavily involved in acting and modelling; she starred in the film ‘The Book of Henry’ as Christine, and she has also starred in many children’s TV shows such as ‘Austin and Ally’. You can find these television shows on Netflix and Nickelodeon; if you are in need of a new aerial to be able to watch these shows, then you could always get in touch with an Aerial Installation Stroud based company such as, or an aerial installation company near you who can repair your aerial, or fit a brand new one for you.

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Maddie Ziegler was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 30th September 2002; she has a younger sister, Mackenzie Ziegler who also appeared on ‘Dance Moms’. She attended dance classes at Abbey Lee’s Dance Company before eventually appearing on the show ‘Dance Moms’ that was filmed at the dance studio. Maddie was known as the favourite dancer on the show, and would regularly get special treatment from her dance teacher Abbey Lee Miller; she was regularly the dance leader who was seen front and centre of a dance performance. She had regularly stated that the extra attention from Abbey caused her extra pressure on stage because she was expected to be ‘perfect’. She won plenty of Tiaras and awards for her dances, which earned her more praise from Abbey, but this made the other moms jealous and angry with Abbey, as they also wanted her to show their kids some attention too.

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In 2014, Maddie collaborated with famous artist Sia, to dance in her music videos; one of her music videos ‘Chandelier’ was viewed over 2 billion times, in which she then became more recognised, and her fame skyrocketed. She also performed live shows alongside Sia, in which she would either dance independently or with other dancers. She then went on to appear in more music videos such as ‘Elastic Heart’ and ‘Big Girls Cry’. During her music videos, she would always wear a signature nude leotard, blonde short wig, and she would always have paint and writing on her hands. In the later music videos her look slightly changed from a half black and half white short wig, and then in her most recent music videos, it transformed into a black short wig.

After Maddie left Dance Moms, she shortly cut off contact with her old dance teacher Abbey Lee Miller, as she wanted to feel free of the pressures and negative drama from the show. She even released a book called ‘The Maddie Diaries’, which is a memoir to her life so far – there was no mention of Abbey in this book though. Maddie also started a clothing line for teenage girls called ‘Maddie Girl’

As well as dancing, acting, and modelling, she regularly posts Youtube challenge videos and vlogs, and she is also a Social Media influencer; she is a brand ambassador for ‘Fabletics’ fitness wear, and she has also collaborated with the food brand ‘Pop-Tarts’.