Movies of Siddharth Malhotra that you can hardly afford to miss

Do you happen to be a fan of Siddharth Malhotra? The star has gone on to do some amazing work in the Bollywood industry. Among all the Bollywood artists, he is a handsome hunk who has the audience at his fingertips with his amazing looks. Well, who can forget the smile in the movie The Student of the Year?

The facts prove that he is not only a smart face to reckon with, he did go on to leave behind a lasting impression with his bad boy looks in the movie Ek Villain. Let us now explore some of the popular movies of the upcoming star of Bollywood

Student of the year

This is the movie that gave him a degree of stardom in the Bollywood industry. He played the character of a middle class boy having some mega dreams or an even in house character like Milka Singh. Yes, if you do so this is the time you might start to have a crush on him. His acting in the movie made people fall for him and with his role the jaws of the people dropped.

Hasee Toh Passe

In this second movie the actor shows his improvement as an actor. During the course of the movie it is really hard to take your eyes off him. An odd girl and a straight forward boy are known to each other.  But both of them are not in a relationship. A goofy type of love is found in this movie that is really entertaining. This movie is a really good one and you would find that the star has gone on to do a great job.

Ek Villain

This movie changed the perception of the people towards this actor. He goes on to play the role of a gangster and allows his gun to do the talking. Till the point Shraddha crosses his path and as goes the saying opposites attract. The gun goes on to become silent as both of them end up searching the rainbow together. The texture of the relationship has unique quality. You are going to love the star playing the role of a bad boy.

A Gentleman

In this movie the actor goes on to play a couple of characters with ultimate ease. Once again he does put his charm to proper use. Gaurav happens to be a simple techie who has picket fences dream of a wife, his kids along with a dog. On the other hand, Rishi makes a living by being a contract killer in South East Asian countries. The actor has gone on to do a great job in both these roles.

This pretty much concludes our discussion about some of the popular movies of SiddharthMalhotra. Now which is the best platform where you can go on to enjoy his movies. The answer has to be Vidmate as it is a free app as you do not have to churn out a single penny in order to watch the movies.