Music Festival Season Attire

Dear readers, it’s time to prepare. The season of music festivals is upon us and we want to make sure that you’re equipped. No matter if you’re into Sasquatch or Bonnaroo, Pitchfork or Ozzfest, Lollapalooza or Glastonbury, there is a common denominator these fests all share (other than the love of music, duh): You will get hot. We guarantee nothing more, nothing less. So today we are here to discuss some key items any concert-loving wardrobe should possess. Read on for some summery suggestions.

  1. Protect your highlights and skin with a wide-brimmed hat like this Woven Bahamas Hat. The price is nice (it’s made out of paper) so if you lose it crowd-surfing, or just wildly dancing, you won’t be too bummed out. ($10.80,
  2. Outdoor concerts and tight outfits don’t really mesh—when you’re hot, clingy clothes feel annoying. This lightweight Dries Van Noten dress is as cool as it looks. We know it’s super pricey, but everyone’s knocking this look off (like Abercrombie!), so keep this shape in mind when shopping. ($832,
  3. As devoted we are to heels, we are more devoted to keeping our backs healthy. The cheerful pastel madras plaid print on these Chucks makes us forget that we feel short. ($47,
  4. In a slight nod to the recent patchwork trend, this multi-print blouse gives you a chic crunch vibe. Plus if you spill your funnel cake on your front, no one will notice. ($64,
  5. You can channel Mischa Barton’s “I’m with the band” ease by snagging a pair of her favorite J & Company Highlander shorts. The faint pinstripe and embroidered pockets are subtle, super details, and often paired with some timeless Ray Ban sunglasses. ($132,
  6. While there are certainly less expensive thongs, the crazy soft leather of these K Jaques Picon Sandals is worth not having blisters. ($180,