Why to use Magento in 2020?

Do you know what brands like Samsung, Coca Cola, Nespresso, Warby Parker, Nike, and Olympus have in common? All these bigwigs not limited to those stated above, use Magento as their e-commerce platform for their websites. There are over 250K businesses that are still attuned to Magento where many of ‘em have been a partner since its inception back in 2007. Although Magento might be considered an age-old eCommerce platform after Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other platforms joined in, Magento still has a lot of caliber to beat Magento alternatives for sure. Here’s why you should use Magento in 2020.

Magento is a feature-rich platform for e-commerce

Magento has been around for more than a decade now. It is a feature-rich and comprehensive e-commerce platform with solutions and tools to beat even the avid Magento alternatives you would find online. It is designed to offer a great experience not just for the users/customers but developers and administrators alike which makes it unique. It packs in all the tools one requires to create a standalone online business with everything is taken care of with precision and consistency.

Magento is scalable

Not all e-commerce platforms available today are scalable right away. Magneto does get a USP when it comes to its scalability. Unlike what is believed, Magento doesn’t just cater to SMEs but all types of ranges of businesses. No doubt it has over 250K businesses active on it which may not be a big number as Shopify but it does have its unique scalability and reliability. With high-end caching technologies on-board, loading pages on Magento for any user is blazing fast. It supports multiple stores, languages, transactions in multiple countries to name a few.

Magento is Open Source

With Magento, you can customize it to fit your project requirements. It is highly adaptable and provides a robust site performance keeping the security of the platform at its peak. It enables merchants to customize their products and handle the complexities of B2B commerce as and when needed.

Magento outstanding UI and UX design

Magento does have an upper hand when it comes to UI and UX design. It is highly customizable and users can literally choose from the many templates available. Since it has HTML5 plugged in, users can easily make it highly responsive to any type of screen size may it be smartphones or a desktop PC. The navigation is smart and allows admins to make tweaks to get the best result out of it.

Hosting comes with no restrictions

Unlike Magento alternatives you would check out, Magento comes with no restrictions over hosting. It’s free to open source edition lets you search for the best hosting that fits your requirements and budgets. On the other hand, the commerce edition does offer premium hosting for those looking to set up their eStores right away.

Of course, these are just a few of the features that’d make you stay active or choose Magento. Other features include an intelligent reporting system, an incredible Magento community where you can seek out help if needed. The platform offers smart shipping options and third-party integration to various other elements including analytic tools, payment gateway, etc. This should answer your query “Why to use Magneto in 2020?”.