NEUTRAL ALCOHOLS; Clear and irreplaceable

Don’t be fooled by the name. The word neutral does not signify a product without thickness, without a robust body and without any uses. Actually, it is exactly the opposite. 

Neutral alcohols are ethanols and are part of the family for food grade alcohol, alcohol suitable for human consumption. Neutral alcohols can be used for the production of drinks or food. They are called neutral just because no flavor or raw material fragrance are perceivable. Different types of neutral alcohols exist in the market ranging from beet molasses to fruit and grain. In certain distilleries, neutral alcohols derive from wine resulting in the finest results. In such cases, neutral alcohols are produced with an alcohol content of almost 96,5% in volume.

Where can we find neutral alcohols?

Neutral alcohols can be found, for instance, within your typical, ordinary liqueur such as the Marsala or Porto or within any kind of Vermouth or within an aromatic wine (based on wine, alcohol, sugars and aromatic extracts, not to be confused with wines obtained from aromatic grapes such as the Moscato or the Gewurtraminer. 

Ethanol accompanies us, in a discreet manner, throughout our lives, every day.

Neutral alcohols and ethanol is also used in pastries, in the production of perfumes and extracts but also in the production of sandwich bread, like the one you regularly buy from the supermarket. Neutral alcohols also act as exceptional antimicrobial agents stopping the proliferation of molds in a healthy and non-chemical way. Taking all these into consideration, one might ask: how is it possible to do without.

Not only for whiskeys, vodkas and brandies

Distillation represents the main processing in the production of a wide gamut of alcohol and other strong drinks, including refined drinks with neutral alcohols. This industry such as the one for whiskeys, brandies and rums, depends from technologies that allow mass-scale and low-cost production without influencing the quality or reproducibility of the final product.

Neutral alcohols are the base for almost all alcoholic and spirit drinks. The primary demand is for the end product to taste and smell as neutral as possible. In order for this to be attained, the distillation process must remove all unnecessary fractions. Unnecessary ingredients might also be caused by differences in raw materials. Technological developments as well as year-long experience in the processing of different raw materials and in the effects that these can have on the final product mean that we are now able to provide systems that guarantee the quality of your product.

Through energy efficient multi-column distillation systems and high-levels of automation, every unnecessary ingredients/fractions can be removed effectively with the least product loss. Experts in the field now collaborate with each client in order to design, implement and personalize an effective production unit that will comply with the highest standards, client demands for the product, production scales, given circumstances. The process itself and the final product will be of the utmost quality, will be followed by necessary qualifications and certification and will be ready for use.