Parents Guide to Coding for Kids

As time passes, the world becomes more dependent on technology. We all know that today, as we use smartphones as part of our daily lives. However, if you think about it, what would the world be like in the future? If today, technology is such a great convenience to everyone, what is more in years to come? See, you thought a lot of things on what could happen. Though there is one thing that remains, and that is innovation. This word alone is what makes our lives more convenient. So, imagine if your child learned it at an early age? What kind of discoveries would they uncover? You would not know unless you let your child learn in coding classes. To give you a glimpse, keep on reading.

Teaching Kids How to Code | Should You Let Them Learn?

What is coding for kids?

First of all, coding is a programming language that programmers use to initiate what the computer will do. If children could learn at an early age, they could develop their skills, even better than adults. Through their imagination, they would create something out of this world.

In short, coding classes for kids can help them make something out of nothing. They could make their imagination come to life. 

At what age is appropriate for children to learn how to code?

Studies show that children as young as seven years old could start learning how to code. By then, they would have to study the basics of coding and programming. That way, they would be able to grasp how it works. 

During their primary years in acoding school, they would learn two things. First, the visual block interfaces, and the other is text-based coding. Once they master these two, they would be able to create their own game. As a result, they would have a chance to become a young inventor. 

Why must my child learn how to code? Is K-12 education not enough?

It might seem a weird idea for kids to learn coding and programming, but doing so would help them a lot. Far more than you can ever imagine. Yes, coding is a difficult subject to learn yet if one acquires it at a young age, they could grasp it very well.

As you already know, times are changing. Back in 2014, our government wanted to introduce programming as part of our education system. They aim to create a digital-savvy society that would help the economy of the country.

So, make sure to prepare your child before signing them up at a coding school in Singapore. To convince you more why you should, read the following reasons below.

  • Become a better problem solver.

Once your child joins coding classes in singapore, their ability to solve problems would improve. Since they would understand how coding works, it would be easier for them to solve a problem. They would be able to analyse what they need to do to find the solution. 

  • Develop resilience 

Of course, they would. When your child learns how to code, they will understand that there is nothing wrong with failure. Failing once does not mean the end. It only means you have more rooms for improvement and they could do better next time. 

  • Teach them how to think

Through coding, your child would not learn from a formula, but through trial and error. The difference between the two is that the latter would help them think about what they need to do and not what they have to do based on the book.

  • Expand their creativity

As parents, we know how imaginative a child could be. They could think all sorts of things out of the ordinary and show it to us in their picture book.  For sure, your child has drawn you a couple one before. However, once they learn how to code, they would show even better than their drawing. You might be able to play with them with the invention they can make. 

Is there anything I could do to make coding easier for my child?

  • Make it fun!

Even though coding is not an easy matter to learn, you can make it fun. Let your child know about your point of view of what coding is and show it to them how fun it is. You could do this by playing with them and explain how video games and applications work.

  • Find a coding school.

Once your child understands what coding is, it is time to enrol them at a coding school in Singapore. That way, they would be able to learn how to code along with the children their age. As a result, they would become more motivated to learn. So, make sure to look for a reliable institution that would help them learn and understand coding. 

All in all, become a supportive parent. It would help them move forward in life and do their best.

A Final Word of Advice

What your child would know, starts with you. Your decision of enrolling them at a coding school in Singapore would help them develop their knowledge and skills. Much more, if you let them join at an early age of five. So, if you want this to happen, make sure to explain to your child the reason why they should learn coding. 

If you already did and your child wants to learn the soonest, go to Roboto Coding Academy. They offer coding classes for different levels at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Visit them today and find out when your child could start learning how to code.

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