Perfect Marketing Internship for You Now

There are many good reasons to look for an internship: the possibility of getting extra money, having a chance to gain experience in a career of interest, finding out if you have an aptitude for that area or not. An internship in Marketing, for example, may be a good choice for those interested in communication, advertising and even the business area.

But if you don’t have marketing experience or training, it seems even harder to get an internship, doesn’t it? For knowing that starting it may be all that is needed to boost your resume and learn about a career that will open many doors in the future. For the Marketing Internship this is important.

Here are some tips for you to look for this differential in your resume. Good reading.

  1. Be proactive in any situation

You may have noticed that people always end up referring friends to some job or internship. And this nomination can be made for a variety of reasons, but it undoubtedly has to do with the competence the nominee has shown.

Therefore, in your activities at school, college, group work, and your relationship with the teacher, try to be proactive, that is, demonstrate that you have initiative and are interested in the universe in which you intend to work. There is always a colleague or acquaintance who can sense your interest and direct you to the dream spot.

  1. Visit Websites Specializing In Job Openings

There are currently several websites where you can register and track job openings in your area of ​​interest. Just register the curriculum and indicate the fields in which you would like to work or internship. The marketing area is one of the most publicizing jobs out there. So use this tool to your advantage!

  1. Know Your Skills For An Internship In Marketing

It is evident that during the selection process the recruiter knows that there is a high chance that the interested parties have no experience in the field, after all, this is an internship. However, it is important that you have a good idea of ​​your skills when describing them in the resume and when conducting the interview.

Marketing values ​​highly candidates who have knowledge in various software , such as the Adobe package. But it is also worth the knowledge of a foreign language, the fact that dealing well with people, finally, is the right time to demonstrate and talk about their talents.

  1. Talk to your teachers and ask for tips

Your teacher has already been in your place. He has been through interviews, done internships and you can count on him right now.

Not only can he refer you to companies, knowing of your interest in doing an internship, but he can also recommend companies that usually train on interns and usually hire them at the end of the period.

  1. Learn how to build an accurate curriculum

Okay, the job is for internship in Marketing, but makes no mistake: each company has a professional profile determined from the activities it performs. This means that some change to your resume may be necessary to better fit the expectations of the recruiter who will receive it (which doesn’t mean lying about your skills, combined?).

Therefore, when applying for an internship vacancy, try to know a little more about the managers, the activities of the place you want to intern and the market you can enter. There are differences between acting in Marketing for an agency and Marketing for a logistics company, for example.