Why the DPF Delete On the 6.7 Cummins Becomes the Life Saver Option

In this article, you will get to know about the DPF/DEF delete used in the 2007-2018 Cummins truck that can save a life in the EMP hits on the road. The EMP is very important for the trucks. The EMP is the electromagnetic pulse that can destroy most of the electronic devices that you use in daily life. It means that all the power plants and the transformers that people use in the companies, or at the households or at the new cars have the electronic ignition and electronic Control Management.

So, if you are not having your old vehicle that is manufactured before 1990 and it gets hit or destroyed from an EMP. Here, the technicians try to explain why the RaceMe Tuners are so important for the car owners or during such events. The EMP is the natural event that comes from the sun or the human-made generating from the atomic explosion in the atmosphere. Raceme ultra is another tuner that has gained much popularity among the Cummins owners.

If the strong EMP happens, all the refinement, distribution and the extraction of the fossil fuel will get paused and mainly even for several years but you can run the 6, 7 Cummins DPF deleted Engine with all the oils as like the transformer oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil and even the filtered engine oil if the DPF is removed from the engine.

Important Things to Know

What you should do? How you should use this oil? The simple process is to remove the DPF as it will die fast and block the exhaust system without the use of the low sulphur diesel. Removal of the DPF without the RaceMe 6.7 delete program will surely generate a message on the display that shows that truck will be stopped after 200 miles. And when the truck will reach to this mileage, the truck will stop functioning if you have not deleted the DPF with the programmer before.

If you do not want to modify the truck now to run on the road as you do not want to break the emission law, you should then use the tuner in the spare case. The technician also recommends using the second ECM. If your truck gets hit from the EMP and the truck ECM has burned up, there is also a chance to restore it with the spare ECM.

Thus, from this topic, it is clear that how you can protect your truck and how you can use it even there is no fuel present in the gas stations any more. Cummins DPF delete is very important to save your vehicle when there is no fuel left and you have more mileage to go.