PIBEXA offers the best forex trading platform

Forex trading has been very popular for many years. Earlier people used to trade through some brokers for buying and selling different currencies. But the way of doing forex trade changed dramatically with the advent of Internet. As the penetration of Internet continued to increase to different homes across various countries of the world, many online brokers in forex trading came into existence. To make their presence felt, many of the established offline brokers also opened their website and urged their existing customers to do trading through their online portal. The basic intention was to shift the traders from offline to online trading platform. With the increase in online presence, many such online forex traders have come into the market. But not all of them are genuine and many have been found to dupe the investors of their money.

If you are interested to shift to online forex trading, the best platform to approach is PIBEXA. It is one of the best and reputed forex trading platforms. It provides the users with unique and smooth trading experience with some wonderful features including world class tools and security. The platform is very much user-friendly and provides training and education tools to the newcomers. So, there is no reason to worry about if you are a newcomer in the world of forex trading. 

The team at PIBEXA is full of experts and reputed forex brokers who can help you in training. They have got many years of experience in the industry and are aware of every in and out of the world of forex trading. They will give you detail training explaining the terminologies and the procedure in details. After getting the training from them and investing in small amounts, you can become a forex trading expert within a few months and manage your trade all by yourself. The trader will get full access to all the videos and webinars so that you can improve your knowledge at every step. You will also get acquainted with the secrets of technical analysis. It means the factors which are considered for analysis and how to derive at a conclusion using those factors. 

The platform at PIBEXA is available both for individual investors and also for large professional brokers. Big brokers also prefer to trade through PIBEXA because there is no need to download anything as the trading can be done through their website. The trader will not have to install anything in any of his devices in order to trade. Since the trading process can be completed through the browser, the traders can do the trading sitting in any part of the globe from any country. This is a great advantage both to individual trader and also professional brokers. Their guidance, technology and knowledge will help the investor to start earning profit within a short period of time. Once they start trading through PIBEXA, the investor will find that a world of possibilities has opened before them.

What are the basic tools offered by PIBEXA?

  • The traders will get real time quote which are totally transparent and the quotes will be provided without any delay.
  • They accept all types of orders which include limited orders
  • The interface which they provide is very simple to understand and contains everything that is needed.
  • The trading process can be completed just with the click of a mouse. It is precise, simple and quick. Every trader can handle the process with ease.
  • They do very fast execution of the order. Once the order is placed, it takes very little time to execute the order.
  • You can download the PIBEXA app on your Smartphone. In such case, your trading process will be very fast and secured.
  • You will get daily news and updates from the market published in their website. This information will help to take the right trading decisions. You will know the popular trends of the day in the forex trading market and also top trades of that day. The financial news of the market will also be updated in the website. So while going for the trade, you will find yourself packed with information. It will be helpful for you to trade and make huge profit.

Based on your financial plan and capabilities, PIBEXA has come up with different account plans. The goal of a person depends on his investment capacity. The process of account opening is very transparent. There are absolutely no hidden fees, no set up fees, no spread. Once an account is opened, the trader will be given personal account manager for assistance, lots of market news and analysis, an app for the tablet or the mobile.

The different types of account are mentioned below – 

Silver account – This account is for the newcomers or small traders who want to start forex trading. The deposit amount for this account is $250 to $999. This class of account holders always need the basic training and guidance from experts. Hence, they are provided with an e-book which covers all the aspects of forex trading. They are also given full access to academic materials so that they can learn more about the in and out of trading. After going through the academic materials, they need to do some practical investments as that will make their training complete.

Gold account – This account is for the second step investors. In this category, the minimum amount for deposit needed is $1000 to $4999. Here the trader will get an e-book, a dedicated account manager and full access to academy. Since the investment amount is a bit high, advice of a dedicated account manager is very much necessary.

Platinum account – This account needs investment of $5000 to $34,999. Here the trader is entitled to 100% bonus on the deposit amount. The trader will get trading session with expert analysts.

Diamond account – This category of account is for the richest investors. This is for the traders who want to invest more than $35,000 for forex trading. They will get 100% bonus on the deposit amount.