Review On Royalstox:  Perfect Gateway For Crypto Trading With Confidence


Everyone wants to make money. The present generation has drifted from banking on part-time jobs for some extra money. As they want quick bucks for financial stability, their focus is shifted to trading. 

But, you cannot be a successful trader in a day. It needs some time, learning, and the most important is a genuine broker. Your overall trading existence highly depends on the broker. Because it is only them who can allow you access to all that you need to be successful.

The current trading market is swarming with brokers. New brokers are appearing almost every day with many claims. But, most of them are unable to provide the right services. This leads to a big problem as no one can go on switching on brokers after a few months for getting out of the hassles. Royalstox creates a big difference in this respect.

Royalstox is promoted by persons with a long stint in the trading arena. The company specializes in CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading and offers unique services. They have everything for everyone starting from the babes to the veterans of trading.  Scroll down to know their unique features.

Offers Diverse Assets

Assembly of assets is a vital criterion for choosing a broker. If the broker you picked does not offer the asset you are interested in, all your efforts and money will run down the drain. Offering trading in an extensive range of assets like stocks, commodities, forex, etc. Royalstox gives you the latitude to change or expand your portfolio.

Encrypted Safety Arrangement

Security of banking information is vital in online trading especially when hackers are there everywhere. Royalstox uses sophisticated encryption technology. As soon as any information is provided, that immediately gets encrypted. This ensures total security as the hackers cannot understand what the encrypted information contains.

Innovative Trading Platform

Royalstox offers web-based trading platforms. You can go there and trade straightway without hassles of downloading anything. The Trading platform is highly responsive and exhibits several charts, graphs, and other indicators to make trading easier. Moreover, they also allow trying the platform through a demo account. This shows simulations of actual trades without any need of money involvement.

Trading Tools

As a trader, it is essential to acquire as much market information as possible for trading profitably. There is a market calendar that highlights the events that may cause market fluctuations. You also get daily, live, weekly, and monthly market summaries to know the trends for making investments. Thus, you are sure about making profits.

Generous Account Options

You have to open an account with a broker making an entry into the trading world. Some start trading as a hobby, some want to try their luck, and the third types want to make it a profession. Royalstox offers six types of accounts to fulfill the needs of different categories of traders. All of these accounts offer 24/5 support with a dedicated Account Manager.

  1. Micro Account

This is for the fresher without any knowledge and experience of trading. One can start this with a deposit of $250 – $4999. Minimum trade volume 0.01 Lots and the Leverage is up to 1:350. It also allows partial academy access.

  1. Standard Account

People with some exposure to trading can avail of this account. You can open this with a deposit of $5,000 to $24,999. Minimum trade volume allowed 0.01 Lots with leverage up to 1:200. You can get partial academy access.

  1. Platinum Account

Semi-skilled traders can open this account by depositing $25,000 and it can be increased up to $49,999. It involves a minimum trade volume of 0.01 lots and offers leverage up to 1:100. This also allows partial academy access. 

  1. Premium Account

Such accounts are meant for skilled traders. You can open this account with $50,000 and can go up to $99,999. This gives access to all trading platforms and offers leverage up to 1:500. Holders can also enjoy full academy access.

  1. VIP Account

This account is designed for professional trades with a high investment capacity. It allows a deposit from $100,000 to $249,999. Opening this you can get access to all trading platforms and enjoy the one-on-one trading sessions. The minimum trade volume stays at 0.01 lots and it allows full academy access. The maximum leverage allowed is 1:750.

  1. Business Account

This is the heaviest account offered by Royalstox. The account can be opened with a deposit ranging from $250,000 to $500,000. While other facilities are the same as the VIP account, opening this account entitles you for leverage up to 1:1000.

Easy Banking 

Royalstox banking operation is straightforward and transparent as well. There is a wide variety of options for deposition. You can use anything from Debit Card, Credit Card, or bank wire, Giropay, Neteller, etc whatever is convenient. Deposits are free. Only withdrawal attracts a fee that depends on the amount and the method of withdrawal.

Vast Educational Repository

Training is a must to be successful in trading. Royalstox has an excellent training online training system. The training material is categorized into informative videos and e-books. These contain a plethora of educational material covering every aspect of trading from the most basic question to highly technical information to provide in-depth knowledge.

Round-the-clock Customer service

People are prone to make mistakes when they are trading. This is especially true for startups. These need quick resolving the issue. Royalstox offers customer care services for 24 hours. One can access that through multiple methods such as phone calls, live chats, e-mails, and can also use call-back options.

Final Thoughts

Royalstox has a modern and easy-to-use platform with customer-oriented features that offer excellent trading opportunities. The unique plus point is that it is a multilingual website. Their varieties of account options, versatile trading tools, and educational content made them a destination for people who want to start crypto trading with confidence. However, every trading platform involves certain amounts of risks. So, one should have an in-depth look at the terms and conditions before signing in.