Picking out the Best Tactical Plate Carrier

With the range of threats in the field ever-expanding, picking out the best tactical plate carrier has never been harder. Modern troops, regardless if they are a fire team or a whole company, need to be well informed about their mission, as well as completely adaptable to what it entails.

This is why almost all modern armor setups are modular. Your plate carrier needs to be able to keep either NIJ Level III plates that are relatively light, or ceramic NIJ Level IV plates that are very tough, depending on the circumstances.

Generally, you will be looking for three things when trying to find the best plate carrier for your needs:

  1. Modularity
  2. Versatility
  3. Durability

And while it might sound like keeping your options open is mentioned twice, they are not the same thing. The modularity of the PC pertains to its ability to attach auxiliary armor and gear.

But, when it comes to versatility, you want the same setup to be able to pull multiple duties if needed. Keeping the military vest light yet holding hard plates can make it perfect for both patrols and active engagement.

Adapting to the Mission

Knowing what the mission will entail is not only important when picking out the best tactical plate carrier, but your armor and weaponry in general. Optimization is key as it will allow you to stay as light and mobile as possible while protecting against anything the enemy might throw at you.

As the budget is always an issue, it is impossible to have a separate vest and gear for each situation. Namely, you won’t know that some scenarios exist until they unfold. That is why models like the FRPC™ Fast Response Plate Carrier have so many options when it comes to its setup.

In some cases, you will only take the plate and maybe a couple of ammo pouches. But, if push comes to shove, PCs like the FRPC™ can allow for a wide range of auxiliary gear and armor, especially when combined with a good battle belt.

Staying Light and Dry

This fact is much more important than anyone thinks. You need your tactical plate carrier to keep you dry, cool, and not to have any chafing.

Such small issues seem insignificant before the mission while you are still stationary. But, once you start running, jumping, climbing, and being under fire, every ounce of discomfort increases tenfold.

If comfort and ventilation are even a bit of an issue, you will need something like the EVV™ Exchangeable Vest Ventilation to keep you cool, as that will keep you healthy and reduce your fatigue.

Strategy and Tactics

The best way to ensure your tactical advantage is by strategic prudence. Made sure that the combination of the gear you have an answer to any perceivable threat. That will keep the thing most important for long-term conflict in abundance: money.

If you have a single plate carrier that is modular, adjustable, and comfortable, you can attach a wide range of gear to it that will fit for every mission. That way you will always be safe and not need to spend on new equipment with every incoming threat.