Play in Private Leagues Contests of 11Wickets Using These Tips

The online cricket game, fantasy cricket at 11wickets App is no less than a real battle of tournaments between the best of players. Settle all your friendly banters with your friends in the Private League Contests, which is an App only feature newly available in 11Wickets App. In this private contest users can win even if they lose, as making a private league with minimum 2 players will give them 50% profit sharing from the private contests of the platform.

The Private league contest users of online fantasy games make the selection of team players as per their likings and preferences and then compete with their private group of friends.

The users find it tempting to play their favourite game and getting a chance to win cash prizes. However, the selection of team and competing against friends’ teams is not that easy as it seems. You need to follow certain tips which can help you to set up a winning team.

Here are some of the tips that can help you to make and select a team that can help you play fantasy cricket and win cash along with it:

Join the Private League Contests:

Keep shuffling the players:

Never select the same team and players for all your tournaments. Always remember to shuffle in between the players and select some new players which are performing well in the tournaments. This will help to enhance the strength of your team against the other teams.

Choose more bowlers:

This can be a twist that the other teams may not be able to get. While the batsmen can make a run, the fielder can stop the opponent’s runs but a bowler will be great with the ball, bat and also on the field. Thus, you will get a complete package which can help your team in all the areas. Thus, this is a secret twist to play fantasy cricket and win cash along with being the winning team in all the tournaments.

Observe your opponent:

While there are many players who only concentrate on their team and don’t pay any attention to the opponent’s team. And this is where they fail. As they have a complete idea about the strengths and weaknesses of their team players, they fail to understand where the other team is standing. The players besides focusing to play online fantasy cricket and win cash scenario must focus on knowing their opponents.

Analyze the performance:

As the game of cricket is mostly about the efforts and performance of the team players. And this is what you have to keep an eye on. No matter if you have selected the best players there are still chances that you may not win the tournament if you haven’t paid any attention to the performance of the players.

Team Selection:

Even the best of players fails to score runs if they are not in their right form. Therefore, you can only if you have the right team.

Good luck for your next fantasy sports win!