Popular Dishes of Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Japan is known for its exquisite cuisines of Asia. People around the world pay a visit to Japan in order to experience their various delicacies. To minimize the pain of having to travel to Japan, just for the sake of food, they have opened many branches of Japanese restaurants all over the world, especially in Dubai. People can enjoy the different tastes of Japanese food by staying in Dubai itself.

Japanese restaurants are widely spread in Dubai. One can spot these types of restaurants in every street. So, one has no limitations when they get cravings for Japanese food. Japanese food mainly consists of seafood; so, most of the best restaurants in Dubai are located on the coast of Dubai, for easy access to the ocean.

Restaurants, in general, take time to flourish as people tend to be picky about where to spend their money. There are many aspects in which people look for, before stepping foot into a restaurant. Ambiance and appearance are one of the main factors in which people look for. When entering a Japanese restaurant in Dubai, one would look for a Japanese atmosphere. A restaurant which portrays the Japanese culture would be ideal for the Dubai residents. For example, the staff can wear kimonos and the restaurant could be decorated with the flag of Japan. Another criterion is the service and how courteous the staffs are. The service should be punctual and the staff should be very welcoming. The last but not the least, ‘item’ is the quality of the food. Japan is mainly known for its sushi and ramen noodles. So, the popular dishes of Japanese restaurants in Dubai should taste genuine. People should get the feeling that they are eating in Japan.

The traditional dishes of Japan become the popular dishes of Japanese restaurants. Japanese food mainly consists of seafood as Japan is an island, surrounded all sides by ocean. One of the most famous Japanese cuisines which are known world-wide is sushi. Sushi is considered to be one of the healthiest options, which contains mainly of raw seafood, rice, and some fruits as well. Sushi is normally dipped in soy sauce or pickled ginger. The most common type of sushi which is preferably eaten is the Chirashizushi. This is extremely easy to make and is enjoyed by most.

Another dish that is most commonly eaten, not only by Japanese people but, everyone around is Ramen noodles. It is basically wheat noodles submerged in meat or fish broth and topped with sliced pork. It is often flavored with soy sauce, just like the sushi.