What to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk

There are several reasons an individual may decide to purchase a standing desk. However, there are many options available, and finding the right desk is often a huge challenge. Use the information here to know what to consider before making this investment.

Who Benefits Most from a Standing Desk?

One of the first things a person needs to consider is if a standing desk is right for their needs. Anyone who works in an office or at a desk should have the goal to move often during the day and change their posture regularly, and a quality adjustable desk can help with those goals. However, for some, standing all the time isn’t good, and it may cause more issues than sitting all the time.

At some point, excessive standing or sitting is problematic. Therefore, an adjustable workstation, something like a MOVI standing desk, is a great option. Once in place, the desk is going to become a helpful tool in the battle to improve work comfort, performance, productivity, and the user’s well-being.

Standing or Sit-Stand Desk: What Option is Best?

Sit-stand desks are designed to provide support for users who want to both stand and sit while working. There are some desks that are designed specifically for perching” or standing. The word perching is used to describe a semi-seated posture, which is recognized due to the open, wide hip angle.

If an individual is committed to standing or to maintaining the open hip angle, a standing desk may be the best choice. However, if a person only wants to stand occasionally, the sit-to-stand design is better. Keep this in mind when shopping for a desk.

Should the Desk be Height Adjustable?

Being able to adjust a desk’s height is recommended for anyone who wants a flexible workstation that can accommodate all a person’s work and well-being needs. For example, when a person is working on their computer, they may prefer a specific height. However, when they are talking on the phone, writing, or reading, they may want to sit.

New Desk vs. Desk Extension

Many people wonder if they should purchase an entirely new desk or a separate unit that sits on the top of an existing desk. Usually, this comes down to personal preferences. However, it’s a good idea to think about how much space is available as well as the needed surface space to get work done. When considering the space, think about the footprint of the desk or desk-top unit is going to take up, along with the desktop work surface that the desk selected is going to provide.

If a person wants to spread out and have plenty of elbow room, a full desk is a smart option. If a lot of desk surface isn’t necessary, a sit-stand unit may be appropriate. Consider this carefully to find the right setup.

Creating a Healthy and Productive Workspace 

A standing desk offers an array of benefits. If a worker wants to get up during the day, while still being productive, using this type of desk may be beneficial. Keep the information here in mind to know for sure.