Problems Faced By Children During Early Education

Early childhood is the most sensitive time period for children as they go through rapid changes, growth and development. Getting the right education for children should be the main focus of parents. Most of the parents want their children to be involved in studies and extracurricular activities right from the beginning. This is a good thing as parents only want the best of everything for their children. But in some cases, kids might face some problems during early childhood education. With the involvement of educators and peers, children might feel the pressure of competition.

Early childhood education is definitely the most crucial time period for a kid as the foundation of his/her future depends on it. Trying to do the best for their children, parents unknowingly put a lot of pressure on them. With the introduction of various after school programs, parents are at ease knowing that their children will learn something new every day. But are the kids ready for this drastic change?

Problems Faced By Children

With a number of advantages to early childhood education, there are some disadvantages too. There are problems faced by kids which might seem small for us but can be a genuine concern for parents.

  1. Technology implemented- Since most extracurricular activities or programs involve technology, children can become addicted to cell phones, laptops, and notepads at a very young age. Coming into contact with technology and the internet at a tender age can ruin a child’s future. It can mess with a child’s mind, which is not good for their overall development.
  1. Learning too early- Some preschools are said to force children to learn too early. This is a serious concern and can hinder their growth and development. Learning subjects like reading, writing and math before a child is ready can lead to frustration and interfere with the love of learning. Everything must be done according to the age of the children. Some children may find it fun to learn something new every day, but others may find it boring. Parents should focus on changing the daily behavior of their children.
  1. No accommodations for children with developmental delays– Children with developmental delays may have difficulty adjusting to the environment of a preschool or after school programs in India.The nature of school activities can be staggering for a child whose cognitive and physical growth is slow. Not all early education centers have the capacity to accommodate slow learners in the group, and the child may feel alienated. The problem may be more acute with children with special needs. It can really lower a child’s self-esteem and confidence.
  1. Focus on academics – Some after school programs  can get too academic to the point that preschool becomes like first grade. It is not suitable for children as they are still learning basic skills and may not be mentally prepared to undertake studies. Children who are slow learners but not developmentally delayed will still find the pressure daunting. Of course, the nature of education varies. However, imparting even basic academic skills may not be a good idea.

Choosing to send your children to a kids learning center is a personal choice. A good preschool can make positive changes in a child’s life. As parents, choosing a good preschool that has no shortcomings and offers inclusive pathways for growth is essential.

Fret not if your little one refuses to go to preschool. Give them some time to adjust. If the toddler is totally adamant, you can wait a few more months and then try to send him again, maybe to another preschool this time. Remember that the preschool and extracurricular experience should be enjoyable for the child and not a nightmare every morning.

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