Quality standard from salvage yard
Used auto parts or second hand car parts, are a viable and cheaper alternative to buying OEM car parts. Used auto parts allow car owners the opportunity to search for a cheaper means of buying otherwise expensive off the shelf products. One of the biggest problems that car owners face while buying Used auto parts is assessing the wear and tear, and the genuineness of the used car parts. We understand that most buyers are apprehensive and usually require a no frills assessment of the quality and usability of the second hand car parts.

The website offers only tested and reliable used car parts, they are not interested in offering you second hand car parts, that do not meet your expectations or the high quality standards that we follow. Buying second hand car parts can be an ordeal if you do not know what common defects, or wear and tear to look for. Used auto parts have become increasingly popular among car owners, as genuine used spare parts sites have made it possible for car owners to browse, and go through thousands of used car parts, that have been carefully assessed.

It would be foolish to claim that all our Used auto partsare guaranteed to perform (they are after all used car parts), but what we do guarantee is that all our second hand car parts are tested for common manufacturing defects, in essence what we guarantee you is, that when it comes to our used car parts, we offer you a no nonsense assessment. In addition we are confident that our Used auto parts and second hand car parts are competitively priced. From Used auto parts like car accessories, to complicated engine parts, we have carefully sorted and tested the Used auto parts wherever possible. All parts that do not meet are strict quality standards for used car parts, are rejected outright, no compromises.

We are confident that our stock of Used auto parts will cater to your requirements, no matter what make and model of car you are using, our inventory of second hand parts should be able to offer the right used car parts. Apart from the popular concerns of the quality of the second hand spares available, the second biggest concern of car owners is the wear and tear that Used auto parts have experienced. We have addressed this concern, all our Used auto parts clearly mention the mileage (where ever applicable), or the wear and tear the part has experienced. It is our firm belief that transparency in dealings is the way forward. The same can be said about our customer services, we offer customer service, by phone and email, and we also cater to queries and requests for used car parts.