Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow hematite is a mineral made from iron, but with the addition of goethite in it. It can come in many different color patterns – some stones will have blue for example, while others will have more red. Rainbow Hematite is also great because it has all the colors of the Chakras in it, meaning it can be a stone used for many different intentions and healing. Rainbow Hematite is known for its healing powers and its ability to absorb negative energy. It is also known for improving your self-image and healing anxiety.

Because of the unique color patterns, you can set your intentions to align with the Chakra of the corresponding color. This listing comes with 8 different rings, ranging from sizes 6 to 10. Each ring is 6mm in thickness, which is ideal for women and men as it is not too thick. This bracelet is magnetic, so you can expect to feel the healing properties when you wear it often. Magnetic Rainbow Hematite is great for anyone wanting healing benefits relating to blood circulation. Who doesn’t want some extra negative-energy repelling stones and help? Rainbow Hematite, like other stones, is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways.

Jewelry is the most common method that crystal users bring it into their lives. The stone’s inherent beauty lends itself nicely to pendants, bracelets, and other jewellery.

Rainbow Hematite is shown to be a powerful protection against EMF radiation and is used in necklaces and bracelets. It stays in your auric zone as jewellery to protect you from the negative consequences of exposure.

Smaller smooth rocks are also attractive. They are excellent additions to your contemplative crystal collection in this form. You can experience the stone’s weight in your hand as you contemplate its meaning or even use it to make grids. We found out about rainbow hematite from https://crystador.com/