Reasons To Try On Comfy Cotton Panties This Summer

Women generally experience several vaginal infections, and the symptoms mainly include odor, itching, and discharge. Do you often experience the same? If yes, then now is the time to switch to cotton panties for ladies. Why cotton? It keeps the vaginal area free of excessive moisture and allows it to breathe rightly. 

There’s no surprise knowing that most of us switch to other synthetic materials, just because of their design, color, or cuts. But it is vital not to forget that nowadays, women cotton panties also come in various designs, shapes, and colors. So, why not skip those severe and harsh materials, and switch to something comfortable and healthy like a hip hugger panty. 

Here are a few reasons why you should try on the best cotton panties this summer! Take a look. 

Prevents infection

As mentioned earlier, yeast infections are prevalent during summers, and definitely, they are more about discomfort. Even most of the experts say that sometimes it has to do something with the stuff you wear underneath. For instance, if you are wearing underwear made with polyester and latex, it promotes yeast growth and eventually leads to infection. Whereas, wearing cotton underwear helps your vaginal area to breathe, ventilate, and keep the yeast at bay. 

Eliminates the itching factor

Itching around the vaginal area is another discomforting sign of trying on ladies’ cotton panties, and stopping wearing those synthetic fabrics. Let us tell you that itching is another factor that promotes yeast growth and disturbs the natural pH levels. Find a hip hugger panty or one with cotton crotch for perfect comfort.

Pauses the odor

Of course, your vagina needs to ventilate to prevent the moisture buildup and bacteria, causing the odor. Here, cotton panties for women absorb the unwanted moisture and remove the heat buildup around that area. You will be surprised to know that cotton is the only fabric that becomes stronger when wet, and is easily sterilized after use. Certainly, cotton undies will keep you dry throughout the summer season. 


Cotton fabric is ultimately a naturally hypoallergenic material, and it helps in alleviating that unwanted irritation. Just remember to take extra measure while washing it. Only use soft detergents that are dye and scent-free. Another reason to try on the best cotton panties is that your skin may experience irritation from dyes and conditioners. And surely, you will not experience any rash or irritation even during the blazing summers.


Why the majority of women prefer buying cotton undies is because the fabric has a lot of versatility in terms of appearance and design. If sensitivity is not an issue for you, then you can explore many more designs and colors in ladies’ cotton panties online. From briefs to bikinis, and from regular cuts to thongs, there’s so much to choose from. In the end, no matter what outfit you are wearing, don’t forget to pair it with a cotton hip hugger panty to stay comfortable all day long.