Retrofitting of boilers

The efficiency of the boiler could be increased with the help of retrofitting. This feature also increases the security and safety level of emergency boilers and you can easily make old boilers more efficient with the help of this process.

The costing of the Retrofitting process is quite high as compared to the other processes of efficiency increment. Sometimes it will costs you this much in which you can buy a new boiler, but replacement is one of the best options if your boiler is too old and you are looking to change it a few months later.

If you wish to change the whole boiler, then there might be a chance in which you can get some new technologies for Boiler install which are a good option compared to the Retrofitting process. However, this process is specific for some of the fuel boilers like You can only use this process in gas-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers.

Some of the other Retrofitting processes include the other modifications like increment in thermostats, upgrading the ductwork, and adding the feature of zone controls, which tends to be more important for the boiler.

Benefits of Retrofitting of Boilers

There are many benefits of retrofitting the boilers, as there is a wide range of boilers. Some of those benefits are:

  1. Energy Savings: According to various surveys and reports, it is noted that 25% of the total energy is used by US boilers and can be reduced by retrofitting which will reduce the consumption of more energy in the US. This is also considered as one of the best ways of saving energy from the use of boilers. The process of retrofitting helps in bringing the usage of energy to 10 to 12%.
  2. Cost Savings: Along with the maximum energy, it also consumes a huge amount of money and affects the wealth of the country. Therefore, the process of retrofitting helps to reduce energy consumption as well as reduces the cost that is wasted in the maintenance of these energy levels.
  3. Enhanced Functions: Though the functionality of boilers is very fast and updated, but when the process of retrofitting is done, then there are some additional features that are installed inside the boiler.
  4. Less Pollution: The retrofitting helps in reducing the pollutants that are increased by frequent use of boilers and reduce the level of pollution. The continuous use of boilers can emit the carbons from it

Replacement of boiler

If your older boiler comes in the category of a low efficient boiler then it is the time to switch for a more efficient boiler, which has at least AFUE of about 98.5 percent. With this type of boiler, you can make every fuel particle count for you. Moving forward with a highly efficient boiler can help you in decreasing out the fuel bills and helps to produce less pollution as compared to the older one.


Retrofitting is one of the best methods that can help in doing various changes in the old boiler.