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Communication is a powerful tool that lets humans share their thoughts to form bonds with others. They use this to express emotions and how they feel about a particular topic or to prove their credibility of a subject matter. So how does one hone this skill? Through English creative writing classes in Singapore!

If you are a parent or a secondary student seeking to improve academic performance and communication skills, read this article to learn what to expect in this journey.


The educational field divided communication into two types: written and spoken. The first pertains to a written message or thought that people read, while the second is verbal, which includes how you deliver words and the actions behind them. In short, English creative writing and speaking classes hone these skills through different activities.

These activities differ according to the problems they address. For instance, a writing exercise that seeks to sharpen vocabulary can be a multiple-choice assessment or reviewers that contain a list of words. They can also benefit students who join secondary school science tuition when they write experiments and other research outputs.



Secondary education is a crucial stage of someone’s academic journey because it comes before college or university. It is where they assess which career suits them, their strengths and weaknesses as a student, and many more things that determine their bright futures. Some students might even start as early as primary school programmes to jumpstart their success.

The second reason is the relevance of communication to everyday life. Come to think of it, whatever career you choose, there will always be writing and speaking. It can be the day you join someone for a job interview or present a write-up about a particular project. Secondary students have all the reasons to join English creative writing and speaking classes in Singapore.



Joining math, English, and science tuition in Singaporemakes a great supplementary activity for students. Their school does not lack anything, but they benefit from additional learning experiences outside the classroom. Also, one trivial benefit is they get to interact with other students to widen their horizons and social circles. Here’s what to expect from English creative writing and speaking classes:


You could be a parent who wants their child to reach greater heights or a secondary student who lacks something in their communication skills. There are many reasons people enrol in secondary and primary school programmes, and they are all valid when it benefits you in the long run. Before enrolment, expect these things:

  1. Set a clear goal. Is it to become better at communication to prepare for the university of polytechnic school? Or pursue your English creative writing hobby by attending classes in Singapore? Anything that gives you a purpose for joining tuition centres.
  2. Do not feel bad when you have low grades because the purpose of secondary and primary school programmes is to bridge the gaps and solve your problems.
  3. Ask for brochures and pamphlets when you visit the centre. If you are online, feel free to explore the website for anything you have in mind.
  4. Examine the syllabus and other learning materials to see if they fit you. That is how you identify whether you are keen on joining a particular math, English, and science tuition centre in Singapore.
  5. Talk to your classmates, school guidance counsellor, friends, other parents, and anyone who can help you with recommendations. They might know something that will benefit you.
  6. Inspect the centre if you must. That way, you get a feel of what to expect from classes and activities. You can also weigh whether it is accessible via private transport or commute.


Three things happen in this stage. First, you now finalise the English creative writing classesyou want to take. It can be signing a contract with the lead teacher or anything along those lines. The second is joining a string of sessions and expecting positive effects on your educational journey. Lastly, make the most of these classes. Of course, physical presence can only do so much.

  1. Take note of the terms & conditions before signing a contract and finalising the transaction. If anything about the secondary and primary school programmesconfuses you, do not hesitate to clear it with the teacher.
  2. Buy everything you need before the first day, especially when the English creative writing classes require some items. If the centre gives a list, tick all the boxes off in no time.
  3. Give equal priority to writing and speaking even if your classes only focus on one of them. These two skills have a harmonious relationship that helps you become better.
  4. If you are a secondary school science, math, and English tuitionstudent, take your subjects seriously for the sake of your future.
  5. Learn communication in your own ways outside the classroom. Besides, you can always apply these skills anywhere.
  6. Take criticisms with an open heart and be welcome to learning more things as you widen your knowledge. It is about improving every single day, whether it is big or small.


It is not the end of your journey to becoming a successful communicator. You can say achieving success starts here. After joining English creative writing and speaking classes in Singapore, you can do much with your relevant skills.

  1. There are many secondary and primary school programmesfor learning. If you are keen on widening your horizons, you can enrol in other subject areas.
  2. Keep in touch with the instructors or anyone in the math, English, and science tuition centre in Singapore. You can consider going back for a few classes or anything along those lines.
  3. Do not dispose of the learning materials as they might become handy in the future.
  4. Expect positive results but also some obstacles. These are all part of the learning experience.
  5. Feel free to refer them to some of your family, friends, and classmates if you think they would benefit from English creative writing classes in Singapore.
  6. Pursue writing tasks you have in mind. You can take part-time online jobs or a passion project for your personal growth.

The Junior Learners Learning Centre offers a holistic approach that touches all areas. If you are interested in English creative writing and speaking classes, do not hesitate to shoot them an inquiry.