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Snack box delivery services in Singapore indeed bring food convenience. Are you treating your employees to lunch? Call a snack delivery service and order 30 meal boxes for your staff. Are you having a sleepover with friends? Instead of cooking, order a meal box for all of you!

However, there are situations where an uneaten excess meal box in Singapore remains on the table. What should you do to the surplus meal box when all have eaten and are already full? Should you throw them out? Leave them in the fridge?

Unfortunately, much uneaten food becomes a waste because we simply don’t know what to do. But there are ways to prevent food waste! This article will teach you how to avoid food waste.

All You Need To Know About Food Waste

Food waste is present everywhere. The unsold bread in the bakery becomes waste. Fruits that have passed their ripeness in the supermarket also become waste. Surplus meal boxesin snack box delivery services in Singapore also go to waste if not sold. Food waste is also in many households. The leftover rice in the rice cooker may go to the bin if you don’t put it in the fridge.

Some people confuse food waste with food loss. Food waste and food loss are two different things.

Food loss happens when the quality of the food product is not fit for human consumption; therefore goes to waste. For example, food loss occurs when the ready-for-harvest rice grains from farms become soaked and drenched in water after a storm and flood. Saturated rice grains are not fit for human consumption.

Another example of food loss is when fruits ready for harvest have been invaded by pests, affecting their quality.

On the other hand, food waste happens when the food products fit for human consumption have not been eaten within their shelf life.

For example, when the snack box catering services in Singapore have surplus meal boxes and fail to sell them within the day, these boxes become food waste once they pass their shelf life.

Another example is when there is an oversupply of tomatoes in the market. Since the demand for tomatoes can’t keep up with the bountiful harvest, surplus tomatoes rot and go to waste.

There are simple ways people can avoid food waste when ordering their favourite meal box sets in Singapore.


What Should You Do With an Uneaten Meal Box?

Food waste exists in houses for several reasons. Firstly, people cook or order food more than they can consume.

Secondly, people forget their leftover food in the fridge or their food stocks in the pantry.

Thirdly, people don’t like eating leftovers and prefer freshly cooked ones.

If you have excess uneaten meal boxes from your snack box delivery in Singapore, here are the things you need to do:

1. Order what you can eat.

The first step in preventing food waste is addressing the root cause. What are these root causes?

Firstly, don’t order excess food. If you can only finish two sandwiches for lunch, only order two sandwiches. Order 15 meal boxes if you are 15 members in the group. Not unless one member can gobble up another meal box in Singapore after their share or is willing to eat leftovers later.

Secondly, don’t order food you dislike. Avoid ordering a bowl of spicy laksa if you are not a fan of spicy food. Do not buy food you dislike, especially if you don’t have someone who will finish the food for you.

2. Eat them later.

If you have an uneaten meal box from lunch in Singapore, don’t leave them on the table. You expand its shelf life by putting it in the fridge.

Remove the food from its old container and transfer it into a new plastic container before putting it in the fridge.

You can eat the excess meal box from lunch to dinner. Just pop the leftover food in the microwave for reheating. After that, the leftover food is good for it!

Not only did you avoid food waste, but you also saved up money by getting free dinner! Usually, cooked food lasts up to three days in the fridge. Make sure to eat the leftover meal box within the period.

3. Transform your food!

If you order a bucket of fried chicken from a snack box delivery in Singapore and have not finished the entire bucket, what will you do with the remaining fried chicken?

Some people don’t like eating reheated fried chicken primarily because they are not as crispy and juicy as the fresh ones. It would be a waste to throw your extra fried chicken wings and thighs away. What you can do is transform the food into another dish.

Instead of reheating the fried chicken in the microwave oven, it is better to shred the chicken meat and then add finely chopped onions and celery to the shredded meat. Next is to put mayonnaise or salad dressing and add salt and pepper to taste. Lastly, put the shredded chicken filling on top of the toasted bread. Congratulations! You just turned your leftover fried chicken into a chicken salad sandwich!

You can now bring your chicken salad sandwich to work! It spares you from ordering another meal box in Singapore for lunch.

4. Swap your food.

People who don’t like eating reheated food or reinventing uneaten food can swap their untouched meal boxes!

The golden rule is that the food must be fresh and uneaten. It would be hard to find someone who accepts literal leftover food.

You can ask your neighbour for an apple or a loaf of bread in exchange for an uneaten meal box.

A community can significantly reduce food waste by creating a group where people can offer their excess food for exchange. With the rise of technology, social media food barter is highly possible!

However, there should be strict rules, such as people are only allowed to trade fresh, uneaten, unopened, and clean food products.


Some parts of the world are going hungry. You can help reduce food waste by consuming food that you can finish. Let it be a habit to eat leftovers and not waste food.


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