Set Up Your Reservation at The Phoenix Murder Mystery Theater Now!

Murder mystery night is a great option for anyone who wants an event that isn’t the same old boring evening. The patrons get a rare chance to solve a mystery and get involved in the process. The theater provides an interesting evening and dinner for all who come to visit.

When Can You Get Information About Shows?

Patrons can find out about upcoming murder mystery shows up to eight weeks in advance, and they can decide what performance is best for them. The details appear on the theater’s website and offer facts about the storyline.

After choosing the best show, the patrons can complete their reservations online and pay ahead of time. This could give them a guarantee for the visit. A confirmation page appears after they submit their orders. When visiting The Dinner Detective, guests should bring their ID and their confirmation copy.

How Often Are the Shows Hosted?

Currently, the murder mystery shows are hosted three nights a month and usually on Saturday nights. The shows start around 6 pm and last until 9 pm. The guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance starts. This will prevent them from missing any vital details about the story, and the patrons can find their table ahead of time. They should make their plans ahead of time and get to the event room on time.

What Is an Interrogation Reception?

The interrogation reception is set up to give the guests information about the story and provide a backstory. The cast includes investigators who may ask the guests questions while they investigate the murder. The guests receive detailed information about what should be expected during the performance.

Why Is Participating More Fun?

While the theater doesn’t expect all guests to participate in the murder mystery show, doing so is more fun. The story can go anywhere, and anyone in the audience could be the perpetrator. Those who participate have a chance to become the top detective and win a prize at the end of the evening.

When Do You Receive Instructions for the Evening?

All instructions for the specific murder mystery show are provided during the reception. However, clues are provided to the guests at different intervals during the event after the crime is committed. The guests must complete all tasks listed in their instructions if they want to participate in the show.

Some characters will appear from the crowd and aren’t dressed the same as the cast of characters. This gives the guests more intrigue, and they never know who is a part of the show until they are revealed. The opportunity could give the guests a better evening if they get involved.

Murder mystery night is a great opportunity for everyone who lives in the Phoenix area. Visitors who come to the area looking for a great night out could enjoy the murder mystery night and get a chance to solve a mystery. Patrons can learn more about the events by visiting the theater’s website now.