Should You Use Soap in a Pressure Washer?

Whether a Glenwood Springs brewery owner, farmer, construction manager, or simply an owner of a very large, very dangerous machine, pressure washers provide a unique solution to daily grime buildup and wear and tear. Instead of trying to wash your equipment with a hose and rag, a pressure washer creates a high-power stream strong enough to strip away any gunk or residue within gears, wheels, and crevices. With a much higher intensity than the residential pressure washers used to clean homes, industrial washers are dangerous, useful, complex tools. Once you’ve handled the heavier topics — how to operate a pressure washer, what safety precautions to take, what protective gear is necessary — there are smaller, still relevant questions to ask. What nozzle should you use? Is gas better than electric? And should you use soap or a detergent, or just plain water?

Although your individual circumstance can influence your choices on nozzles and power sources, soap or no soap is an easy answer: yes! You should use soap when operating a commercial pressure washer. Soap attacks grime and bacteria at a microscopic level that plain water can’t quite manage; when you use soap, you’re guaranteeing a deeper clean. Sufficient cleanliness might be possible with the simple machine, rather than added detergents and soaps, but the intensity required to achieve that cleanliness would come at the cost of your own safety and potentially the safety of your equipment, as well. The higher the water intensity, the more dangerous the washing is. The stream can become powerful enough to break and bend your equipment and even strip the flesh from your bones if you are unfortunate enough to be in the water’s way. Using soap belies the necessity of reaching those dangerous highs, and you’ll still have a satisfying clean in the end from that Glenwood Springs red clay.
Because soap rinses with microscopic intensity, it ensures a longer-lasting wash, as well. Bacteria, mildew, and other organic agents are less likely to reappear when you clean with soap rather than just water. Since soap offers consistent protection from organic contaminants, washing with soaps and detergents is worth the extra money.

If you’re looking for a pressure washer in Glenwood Springs, Custom Industries is happy to provide rentals, soaps, detergents, and quality cleanings at the industrial level. Pressure washing is an important part of upkeeping industrial-level equipment, and Custom Industries promises to meet that need in the Glenwood Springs area.

If you’re looking for a pressure washer in Glenwood Springs , Custom Industries is happy to provide rentals, soaps, detergents, and quality cleanings at the industrial level.