Why No One Wants to Buy Your Home in the Winter in Colorado

It’s cold, there’s skiing, and Christmas is right around the corner; what better time to sell your Colorado home and make some cash? Even if it’s a fixer-upper, that’s become more popular, so you’ll be able to find someone to buy fast, right? Not necessarily. In the traditional market, most people trying to find listings get sidetracked in the holiday season. And you, the homeowner, will be hard-pressed to find a real estate agent working through December. As if the lack of buyers and sellers wasn’t bad enough, in order to present an appealing listing, it’s recommended that you keep the holiday decorations to a bare minimum. After you spent all that cash on a giant light-up wreath, it’s just going to get packed up and stuffed in the attic in the interest of aesthetic showings. None of these are factors that lead to a holly, jolly homeowner.

It’s not entirely impossible to find someone to buy your home for cash in Colorado during the winter. It will just take much longer than you think it will. Any realtor whose availability extends past Thanksgiving will have a much smaller client list, so you will be prioritized. Holiday warm and fuzzies can work in your favor, too; those wanting to purchase your house will be thinking of their own stockings hanging by your fireplace, which will evoke an emotional connection. Besides, anyone looking for a listing in Colorado during the wintertime is going to be serious about a final decision.

Even with an interested party who wants to buy your home, a cash offer won’t come until after the mistletoe is stowed and the New Year begins. Lenders, like everyone else, are affected by the holiday season. They won’t respond to requests to finance unless your prospective buyer contacts them at the very beginning of December. Mid-to-late requests are going to leave most people still wanting for cash, and they’ll likely wait until that’s resolved before putting down an offer for your house.

December doesn’t need to be a month that’s focused on selling your house the traditional way. You should be spending money on presents, not real estate commissions; finding someone who will buy your home for cash simply takes thinking outside the box. For example, a respected Colorado business that will buy your home for cash is Joe Homebuyer. They guarantee a cash offer within ten minutes, along with a seven-day close, and they will take your house, light-up wreath and all.

Joe Homebuyer Colorado is a real estate company that buys homes for cash in Colorado.