Suffering From Heart Disease? Everything You Need to Know

The heart is a critical organ in the body that always needs to be healthy and functional. Unfortunately, it may develop some conditions or diseases which make it life-threatening. In America, the number of deaths annually as a result of heart diseases stands at 650,000. It emphasizes why quick diagnosis and treatment of heart problems are essential. Find competent centers which can offer the proper medical assistance. Book an appointment with a specialist in heart disease in Sebring, Florida.

What Is a Heart Disease?

When we talk of heart disease, it means any problem that affects the heart’s normal functioning. In most cases, it affects the heart muscles and the coronary arteries. Sometimes, these diseases emerge when there is blockage of these blood vessels, which results in the heart muscle cells not getting the proper nutrients and oxygen.

Carotid artery diseases emerge when there is the narrowing of the arteries providing the brain with oxygenated blood. On the other hand, the valves in the heart need to open and close with ease constantly. Sometimes, they fail to function well, which causes cardiac valve dysfunction.

Causes of Heart Failure

The heart has four chambers that help in the overall flow of blood in the body. The upper chambers (atria) receive the deoxygenated blood from the rest of the body while the ventricles (lower chambers) do the pumping back. The rhythmic pumping of the heart is myogenic. However, there are times when the ventricles are unable to generate enough pressure to pump the blood.

Blood cannot reach every point well, resulting in fluid accumulation at specific body parts, such as the lungs, liver, and abdomen. It can easily result in heart failure. Even so, there are risk factors that increase the chances of getting the disease. These include high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, obesity, tobacco use, and viral infections.


In the early stages, heart diseases don’t show signs. It’s only through some check-ups that a cardiologist can tell if there is an emerging problem. However, the development of plaque within the blood vessels and mainly in the arteries is noticeable at this stage.

Besides, angina could arise whereby you may experience some chest pains, tightness, and pressure in the heart. This is often associated with shortness of breath, nausea, and even fatigue. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it’s crucial to go for regular heart evaluations as it will bring a proactive way of dealing with the problem before escalating to higher levels.

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests (CPETs)

CPETs are accurate tests that involve examination of the working of your heart, muscle, and lungs as you ride a stationary bicycle. It also helps in spotting the blocked small and large blood vessels within the heart. The specialist can analyze blood pressure, heart rhythm and rate, carbon dioxide production, and oxygen usage.

Heart diseases are prevalent these days. You can hardly know if you’re suffering from any heart problem at the early stages until the symptoms emerge. This is why undertaking regular heart evaluation tests are fundamental. If you are diagnosed with heart disease, find a cardiologist as you stand a chance of dealing with the problem well.