Sweatshirts: style guide to wear them in 15 different ways

Plain, printed, with a love for logo mania … This garment explores new territories outside of sports. Here, a selection with the coolest pieces for this season

Colorful, simple and versatile. These three adjectives would define the sweatshirt. This garment was, during the last century, the greatest exponent of sportswear. It went from being used on sports fields and courts to being part of the aesthetic identity of many urban tribes. Until today. Time in which it is part of the cabinet of prime ministers, starring in two editorials in fashion magazines and stands as a true ‘best seller’ in the catalogs of the most important fashion houses.

From the minimalism of Dior to the baroque style of Alessandro Michelle’s Gucci, the sweatshirt lives its golden age. It is, in short, what the jeans to Elvis or what the leather biker to James Dean. A milestone in the imaginary ‘fashion’. This garment is no longer only owned by millennials and centennials since its  versatility knows no limits and, well combined; it can fulfill the function of a classic cut sweater teddy fresh.

With the rise of streetwear aesthetics and the exponential growth of athleisure and relaxed-looking aesthetics, the world of fashion lives its particular love story with this garment. It happened during the 90s when she expanded her aesthetic frontiers to get out of the gym and become part of the modern man’s daily clothing. Hooded or not the sweatshirt has been combined with suits, jackets and stylish three-quarter coats. Champions of the cleanest invoices, such as the COS firm, have made their particular Scandinavian spirit their best asset to market a unique and minimalist garment. In addition, there is even more: the Italian Kappa or the American Champion – official distributor of NBA kits – are going through a golden era thanks to the resurgence of the tracksuit. For those who do not dare to wear this sports outfit, here is a guide with 15 garments to embrace the sweatshirt as a spring star.

1. Smooth

The plain sweatshirt, combined with a white shirt and jeans,  Teddy Fresh Hoodie becomes the best and coolest substitute for the classic sweater. The basic models – this spring the trend is marked by pastel colors – can be great allies to combine them with casual-looking outfits. Affordable or not options that undoubtedly become an investment.

2. Stamped

Embroidered or silk-screened, printed sweatshirts gain ground in the spring credits of firms such as Valentino, These options fit perfectly with somewhat more baggy pants, with a ‘cropped’ pattern, which, combined with white sneakers, become an option that is as casual as it is unique. Let yourself be carried away by the pieces of baroque trend, those that succumb to those worn by American football teams or those that live off nostalgia like those brought by the Alvarnos.

3. with message

Nor is there a millennial who does not have one of these models in his closet. From Sandro with his Paris model sweatshirt to the new revision of this garment that they bring from the Spanish firm El Gansu. Any excuse is good to want any of the colorful and vibrant models that will become a warm garment as the temperatures begin to rise with the passage of spring.