Take Your Pilates Online With Glo’s Fitness Experts

Your first class for any new workout can be confusing, and Pilates is no different. In fact, it’s downright intimidating to think about if you’ve never been. People tend to associate Pilates with professional athletes, dancers, or otherwise powerful people.  But you don’t need complicated machines or the body of a professional athlete to practice. Pilates online makes it accessible for everyone.

That’s why people love Glo — it’s filled with dozens of experts in Pilates, yoga, and other fitness specialties. You can create your own customized routines and schedules to continue exploring the healthy benefits of this workout on your own schedule, without crowded classes that can cause anxiety.

Bringing Pilates Online 

One of the fun aspects of Pilates comes in the naming conventions used to describe each exercise. You’ll find yourself doing moves like the elephant or swan that, like yoga postures, require a deep level of body control and mental concentration. Sometimes equipment is incorporated (a Reformer can be used, but it’s not necessary), but the main focus is on strengthening your core.

Pilates is a low-impact workout. It’s not cardio, so you won’t run out of breath doing it. There’s no competition or teams, and your own body weight will be the key to improving muscle mass. All you need is your workout mat, the determination, and guided training from some of the best Pilates experts on the planet.

That’s what Glo brings. You’ll get training from a variety of teachers who each brings their own touch. It’s all contained within an intuitive mobile app you can access from anywhere.

A New Way to Pilates

Not all Pilates routines are created equal. Some days you may want to work on your movement precision, while breathing techniques will be the focus of others. Every day, you’ll be improving your strength in a low-impact way that’s recommended for people with a range of health afflictions, like arthritis, diabetes, or chronic pain.

Pilates is more than a workout for some. It’s a lifestyle that improves your core strength, balance, posture, stability, flexibility, and pain resistance. It can be adapted in any way you’d like.

Search through the wide selection of thousands of workout videos. Add them to your schedule and sync with Google Calendar for automatic reminders. This method of creating classes a la carte is preferred, as it can accommodate everyone from first-timers to experienced trainers.

Find Your Glo Today

Glo gives you unlimited access to a large database of workouts from experienced Pilates professionals like Kit Rich, Anula Maiberg, Jeni DelPozo, and Mark Osmundsen. These experts create inventive routines that replicate a gym class experience from your phone.  Each class is guaranteed to focus on your core

 strength with conditioning that challenges and energizes every cell in your body.

And by unlimited, they mean unlimited. There are no closing hours or limitations to how many classes you can take. Whether you decide to repeat the same routine or explore something new, the adventure is yours to choose.

You’re in control of both the time and location of your next Pilates class with Glo. Check it out online at Glo.com or download the Glo app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. From there, you can register for a free 30-day trial to check out the platform and create a personalized training plan. If you like it and want to continue, the monthly subscription cost for unlimited PIlates online is less than one class in a gym.

Not only that, but you’ll have access to classes on yoga, meditation, and more. Try it now.