Understand what the importance of visual scripting are

Creating a game is not just about graphics. Most of the time a game is the fruit of teamwork bringing together multiple complementary and very different skills. The graphic designer does the visual, the level designer defines the “rules” and the mechanisms, the programmer codes and develops to give life to the graphics by creating the interactions, the scriptwriter, the sound designer and many other profiles add to the list trades that can enter into the design of a video game.

Why visual scripting is important?

Learning code is generally long, demanding and will be more or less difficult depending on your profile. Personally writing code is not cup of tea, it takes lot of time for little results. So maybe you too are one of those completely refractory people for whom writing code, its punctuation, and its syntax remain mystical despite all your efforts. While using visual scripting makes your job easier.

The benefits are many – faster, easier and accessible for beginners, ideal for quickly prototyping, and testing game concepts, etc. Anything that is possible with code is theoretically possible with visual scripting. In visual scripting the functions are predefined, and assembled together to create the game mechanisms, and necessarily this solution is less flexible than pure written code that can be fully optimized, and custom-made according to very specific needs. In addition, it is sometimes more difficult to modify visual scripting when the mechanisms become complex. playmaker is one of the best visual scripting tool in unity engine. You can read the unity playmaker review for more details.

Conclusion: A few more details on visual scripting

We can say that visual scripting is ideally suited to beginners because it is easy to access, to graphic designers because they open the doors to programming, and to coders who want to quickly test and prototype their ideas. It will allow you to design your own video games, to take pleasure in the creation of game mechanisms, in short to achieve what you have in mind without taking it into your head. But, do not expect to make the next successful AAA game. Such a game is necessarily the combination of all the talents of the different specialists of a development team.

Learning the art of programming, visual scripting, and the use of particular languages ​​goes beyond the scope of this introduction. However, there are many books, tutorials and other resources to learn how to program with visual scripting.