The moon is the natural satellite of planet earth. It gives us an incredible view and around it thousands of stories have been created. And, without a doubt, the moon attracts, inspires and blows the imagination of all human beings.

It is said that the moon affects the tide, but it can also have some influence on our behavior. In this way, our mood and our decisions can change in the same way that the lunar phases change. It is also believed that the moon influences sleep, especially when it is full. During this phase, people tend to take longer to fall asleep or sleep poorly.

However, there is no scientific evidence that this actually occurs; You can be calm, if you slice a finger with a waning moon, for example, you will bleed just as if the moon is full.

What we can assure you is the effect caused by the moon lamp of Lunar Effects. It is a bedside table lamp that is the same for children and adults, since in addition to its usefulness it is also a very interesting decoration element. If you are one of the people who reads a lot and you need a lamp to read quietly in your room and on your sleepless nights, then in Lunar Effects they offer you the moon lamps that will give you the dim light you need.

Our natural satellite deserves a beautiful tribute. In Lunar Effects they have the moon lamps that are manufactured with all the delicacy of the world, that is why the lamps have an excellent design made with 3D printing that ensures a very real result, with the best intention of satisfying the user who admires astronomy and to the earth’s natural satellite. They have an easy operation, you can do it using the touch that is in the lower area of ​​the lamp where you can both change the intensity of the light and change color. It has three striking shades of light (cold white, warm white, warm yellow) that make an environment pleasant and also causes that sensation and effect that the true Moon is within our reach. It will almost seem to you that you have the moon in front of you!

Lunar Effects lamps are undoubtedly a nice gift to set a room or even a living room, but it also has several features very useful for you since you can order the moon according to the size that suits you. You will find that the lamps have four different sizes, 8, 12, 15 and 20 centimeters in diameter, all with the same function and easy operation. You can identify each one on the website through their names, since each size is named in reference to the Galilean moons of Jupiter – Europa, Io, Callisto and Ganymede.

The best of these lamps in addition to their unique appearance is that you can place them wherever you want without worrying about cables to connect it. The only cable you need is the charging cable, but once you have completed its charging you can keep it wirelessly and portable for up to 6 hours depending on its use. And they carry with them a wooden stand that gives it a more sophisticated and modern touch. No only that, each wooden lamp is laser engrave with Lunar Effects one side and the name of the moon on the other, adding a touch of uniqueness to each lamp.

Lunar Effects are 100% Children friendly. That’s because the moon lamp does not have toxic materials and that is why it makes it the best ally of the smallest of the house. They are made with environmentally friendly materials (PVC plastic), non-toxic and odorless.

It often happens that people who love astronomy and lovers of our natural satellite wonder, where can I buy moon lamps? Well now we present the lamps that fit your tastes and desires. In short, Lunar Effects moon lamps Australia are ideal for all audiences.

The moon lamp is an ideal gift. The moon has always been a special icon full of mysticism, of course it has also been closely related to eternal love and nostalgia. Many of our physiological changes are due to the phases of it, so something we have to love. Now with Lunar Effects moon lamps you can have it in your home, so give the moon to that person you love so much.

Not only is it perfect for the bedside table, it is an excellent lamp for anywhere in the house that you will love, so do not miss out and make your purchase now!

Specifications of the Lunar Effects lamp

Material: PVC plastic

Body Color: White

Base: Wood

Light color: Cool white, warm white and warm yellow

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity: 300 mAh

Charging time: 2-3 hours approximately

Battery life: 4-6 hours (depending on usage)

Size: 8cm, 12cm 15cm and 20cm

What’s included?

Moon lamp

Universal USB charging cable (without adapter)

Wood base with customised laser engraving

To ensure customer confidence, Lunar Effects offer a 30 day mony-back guarantee, therefore if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it to Lunar Effects and receive a full refund. Please note, return shipping costs are paid by the customer. 

Lunar Effects also offer a 3 month product guarantee, so if you have any issues with your lamp, simply return it and you’ll receive a new lamp absolutely free. 

For more information, head over to to purchase yours now.