The Best Routines and Habits You should Follow for Clearer, Healthier Skin

Skin that has a youthful glow and is clear and free from blemishes is definitely attractive, and some of us spend a ton of money just to get skin like this. But you don’t have to spend too much money in order to benefit from clearer and healthier skin; all it takes is a few good habits and a solid routine – and help from good skincare products – to get the clear and healthy skin you want. But what are the best routines and habits you should follow for clearer, healthier skin? Let’s find out.

  • Have good nutrition and dietary habits

Proper nutrition is, of course, essential for anyone’s health, but it can do wonders for the skin as well. The food we eat can have an impact on the way our skin looks, and this is certainly true for some ‘wonder foods’ that can really make a difference. Start by staying away from processed food and junk food, especially food with a high salt or fat content, and try to consume as much fresh produce as you can. Your diet can work wonders on a cellular level, and this is literally when the health of your skin can improve from the inside out.

Some foods, as mentioned, are great for the skin as well, and these include mangoes, tomatoes, olive oil, and green tea. Mangoes have high levels of antioxidants, and tomatoes can help prevent skin cancer. Olive oil, on the other hand, has been associated with reduced risks of photo ageing, and green tea compounds may help rejuvenate skin cells.

  • De-stress – or avoid it entirely

Everyone can say that stress is unavoidable, but your level of stress can also decrease based on how you strive to de-stress yourself. For example, instead of fretting about something, you can simply let it go and surrender control. If you feel that you are too stressed – whether it’s in your work or personal life – the practice of meditation may help. Some people have also turned to yoga for its benefits, not just physically but mentally, and others go for tai chi or other relaxing and de-stressing exercises. You can also set aside a day each week when you can pamper yourself and have some ‘me’ time – by taking a nice, long bath, having a good walk, driving to the beach or mountains, or simply spending time with loved ones and friends.

  • Make moisturising a daily habit

Moisturisers are critical for proper skincare, and any dermatologist would confirm this. When you use a moisturiser on a regular basis, you are effectively keeping your top skin layer hydrated, and you are sealing in the moisture on your skin. Also, many moisturisers have humectants that can retain moisture, and they can come with agents that draw moisture in. Choose a good moisturiser – if you have older skin, a gentle moisturiser would be a great option, such as the SkinCeuticals moisturiser for daily use, which is non-comedogenic, free from preservatives, and has no parabens or mineral oils.

Moisturise your skin after you take a bath or shower, and to retain more moisture, you should use water that is warm rather than hot. Here’s another tip: if you want your skin to be more moisturised even during the winter, use a humidifier.