Soccer is a sport where two teams play consisting of eleven players. Athletes of both teams kick around a round-ball as they aim to head it in the opponent’s goal. Nonetheless, the players are not allowed to touch the ball with hands but only the goalkeepers who guard their goals. Association football was the game’s initial name. The word “soccer” came from the name itself in Britain way back 200 years ago. In the early 1800s, a group of British universities played “football” and began having their variant as they play the game and generated different rules. The matches have other orders, categorized organizations, and unique names. The one alternative where players played the ball using hands became “rugby football” and turned into “rugger.” On the other hand, the other variant called “association football,” finally shortened to “soccer.”

These two sports hastily disseminated worldwide soon enough. After the diffusion, Americans invented their version of the sports they called “football” in the early 1900s. The divergence did not faze the Brits from calling the game “soccer” throughout the 20th century up until the current time. 

Although people are already playing soccer in the USA since the late 1800s, its popularity didn’t snowball quickly. Soccer became prevalent worldwide in 1920 since many have perceived that it is the least expensive game than any other existing sports. 

Soccer is easy to learn; however, it is challenging to play. This fact is actual, considering the players require robust stamina to keep the game going and winning the match. This conviction alone proves just how majestic the known athletes of the game of soccer.

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