The Evolving World of Pharma Marketing During Covid-19

The world has changed and in no sector can that impact be more felt than in pharma brand marketing. There is a new respect for the responsibility and sensitivities that have to be considered so as to not seem tone-deaf and also provide genuine service.

The techniques that we relied on before and recognized as good digital marketing for pharma companies need to be re-assessed. A misstep now could be as harmful to your brand’s image as it is for the customers that rely on you.

In this article, we’re going to look at three of the major ways that pharma brand marketing needs to change, and the challenges that it faces.


Fear has often been over-relied upon in all forms of marketing, but particularly in digital marketing for pharma companies. Identifying risk and offering a way to mitigate or lessen that risk often involves playing out worse case scenarios.

When it comes to Covid-19 though that fear and risk are already abundantly clear and further stoking the flames with misinformation or playing upon them to sell pharmaceuticals would be gravely irresponsible.

This means that your company needs to reassess the role it and your product plays in people’s lives. Using best practices to realign with your companies core ideals and reaching out through social media and other forms of communication you can offer genuine aid to those that need it.

But it has to be from a genuine place of care, and not a cheesy sales pitch.


Face to face care is not possible right now and directing potential customers to any situation that requires it would be foolhardy both in terms of customer’s health and potential for sale. It is a great time to turn to and begin to learn of all the magnificent advancements in technology and interaction that have evolved.

Digital marketing has for a long time been experimenting with new means of outreach and care and the explosion of Zoom during the pandemic goes to show that even companies like Skype had missed something.

Telemedicine has seen an explosion in popularity particularly in China and businesses that utilize these services sooner rather than later will benefit. It is incredibly important that we do everything we can as industry to not overburden the healthcare system for the sake of public health as a whole.


As mentioned before, it is of vital importance for your outreach to not come across as tone-deaf during a crisis. In order to best achieve this, you need to be well aware of both the identity of your brand and of the product and service you offer.

When designing communication it needs to be straightforward, simple, and completely transparent. Open lines of communication for any questions or worries that customers may have regarding your products and services. Ensure that you will be delivering as usual, or as close to usual as is possible.

Be a font of information, but make sure that information is pertinent and truthful. There has been a strong shift towards digital marketing during the pandemic and those systems and avenues are likely to stay open even as things begin to return to normal.

If you have questions turn to a company like Moonraker AI who has been perfecting their digital marketing strategies for years and can help you to shape a better brand during this crisis and a brighter future once we finally come out the other side.