The Importance Of Cleaning Up After Your Dog

If a canine is a part of your Park City family, then chances are you have some dog poop in your yard. As unpleasant and time-consuming as dog poop clean-up duties may be. However, some companies now offer this as a service. Keeping dog deposits off the ground is an important responsibility held by every canine owner. Here is why:

Dog Poop Is An Environment Pollutant

According to estimates made by the Environmental Protection Agency, a couple of days worth of dog poop from a population of about 100 canines can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all Park City watershed areas within twenty miles to swimming and shellfishing.

It Does Not Just Disappear

Contrary to belief, dog poop does not just disappear. Various parasites and bacteria thrive in unattended waste, eventually breaking down into the soil and contaminating water supplies. Several companies offer services to clean up after your pet, and some even work through the winter.

Children Can Be At Risk

After playing, many children in Park City do not wash their hands, and most are unaware of the potential hazards of coming into contact with waste that has been left in the yard or park. The parasites and bacteria found in dog poop are most commonly transmitted through human touch. If you don’t have time to scan your yard before every time your children run out to play, perhaps look into a pet waste removal service as a solution.

Not Aesthetically Pleasing & Its Not Fertilizer

Though it may seem obvious, nothing ruins a beautiful yard like little presents covering the yard, and because canine’s diets are made up of mostly meat, their waste is not suitable for soil enrichment. Pet waste removal services are a great way to keep your yard looking great and preventing any long-lasting damage.

Rodents Enjoy Dog Feces

Dog Poop can be a huge food source for rats and rodents in developed areas. Gross, we know. Unfortunately, an increase in rodents can lead to devaluation of property or the need to hire rodent removal services.

Less Of Mess Leads To Less Stress

The more you pick up after your canine’s poop, the easier it is to stay on top of. Luckily several pet waste removal services can handle this problem if you do not have the time. Many pet waste removal services are very affordable, and some offer their services year-round, making winter in Park City easier in terms of keeping pet waste under control.

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