The Importance of Proper Data and Voice Cabling for Utah Businesses

Although a network cable may be the expensive piece of your network, it is one of the most important. Without a proper voice and data cable connection between the equipment, your system cannot perform at its maximum capacity. Voice and data cabling is strategically vital for Utah businesses regardless of size. In most cases, connectivity issues stem from cable and infrastructure, not the network.

This article will discuss the importance of accurate data and voice cabling for your Utah business and organization.

Ensuring you have the right plan is always a great starting point. Cabling technology is constantly evolving from Cat5e to Cat6a, fiber, and so on. This constant cycle of innovation allows Utah businesses to future proof with the right cabling. The higher the spec the data or voice cable has, the longer it will last, and the more you can get out of it. The Cat6 and Cat6A have become the standard and can support up to 1000 Mbps of data. To ensure you have the right cable for today, you want to ask what you will need in five years from now.

Ensuring you have gotten the correct data or voice cabling the first time will save time and money. Although tempting, picking the cheapest data or voice cabling and hiring an electrician instead of a professional cable installer is a quick recipe for disaster. There are various requirement differences for running voice or data on a network. Trying to cut corners to save on a cable or installer cost will only lead to performance issues and more money and time spent fixing problems.

Once installed, it is a good idea to have voice and data cabling looked at periodically and tested to cabling specs. If moving to a new location, you should get your cabling tested by a professional contractor. Any installer hired should be certified and capable of installing a solution that also has the certification required. Make sure to request test results that show them meeting the cable’s spec as most installers will only connect a cable, whereas proper testing requires a larger investment on appropriate equipment.

Ensure that your cable contractor offers an installation warranty. Over the years, many contractors are hired to remedy previous jobs by installers who did not test cables and have seen more than a 90 percent failure on a single Utah site. Just because something has been plugged in and connects does not mean it is a quality cabled. Tests should be performed every 8 to 10 years, but also during any renovations.

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