Top Tips for Creating a More Saleable Home


There are a number of simple but effective tips that estate agents will tell you can help to make your home more saleable. Below are some of our favorites that when implemented, can increase the value and appeal of your home before it hits the market, particularly in areas like Sunderland:

Repair and paint all external walls

How much you need to spend on this will depend upon what condition your walls are in, but generally, a lick of paint is all it takes to help make your home look more appealing from the outside.

If budget permits, upgrade your doors and windows

Estate agents are in total agreement when it comes to this home improvement, and will tell you that most potential buyers will look closely at the condition of all doors and windows when they view a property. Nowadays, not only do people want attractive, functioning doors and windows, but they want them to be energy efficient, too.

Make sure your garden is tidy and attractive

As with most home improvements, how much you spend on this is entirely up to you, but if your budget permits a little light landscaping and repotting/turfing, then it will probably be money well spent.

Flooring inside your home

Hot on the heels of doors and windows, estate agents say the flooring inside your home can make or break a sale, too. If your flooring needs fixing or upgrading, try to get this done before viewings begin to give potential buyers a better impression. 

Upgrade your kitchen

Estate agents aren’t asking that you rip out your existing kitchen and spend thousands of pounds having a new one fitted (unless your kitchen is in need of a complete revamp), but you should at least try to ensure that it is functional, clean and has enough storage space. A simple upgrade of counters and/or cupboards may be all it takes to give your kitchen a new, more appealing look. 

Make sure your bathroom is in good working order

While we may spend the least amount of time in a bathroom, estate agents tell us that it’s really important everything in it functions as it should and hasn’t been destroyed by mould and limescale. Give it a thorough clean and check that showers and taps don’t leak etc. 

Think about lighting

Even if your home is dark during daylight hours, some strategically placed down lights or softly lit lamps can help make it look lighter and more inviting, while energy efficient lighting will always be a selling point.  

Paint your interior walls

Adding visual interest to your property with an accent wall can be hugely beneficial, or even just giving the whole place a lick of paint in a neutral color may be just as effective. 

Clean, clean, clean!

Nothing can pay bigger dividends when it comes to salability than having a spotlessly clean home estate agents advise us, and you should try to clean every nook and cranny thoroughly before viewings begin. 

Seeking professional help from estate agents before you put your house on the market is always advised. They will be full of even more handy hints for making your home more saleable.