The Latest 905nm Laser Diodes For Industrial Robotics Applications

The introduction of 905nm laser diodes is transforming the robotics industry. These laser diodes are specially fitted to a range of engineering robotics applications. This article will offer a synopsis of the key specifications, features, and applications of the latest high-powered laser diodes. 

What is a Laser Diode?

These are semiconductor devices similar to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They use a p-n junction to emit coherent light in which all the waves are at a similar phase and frequency. The coherent light is generated by the laser diodes using a procedure called LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). Because the p-n junction is utilized to generate laser light, this gadget is called a laser diode.

Difference Between Laser Lights and Other Types of Light 

Sunlight and other artificial sources of light contain waves of several wavelengths. They are also out of phase with each other. Light waves from monochromatic light sources are not in phase with one another. On the other hand, laser diodes generate a narrow beam of laser light whereby all the light waves have the same wavelength, and they move together with their crests lined up. That’s why laser beams are extremely bright and can be fixated over a tiny spot. 

All gadgets that generate laser light, a semiconductor laser, or laser diodes are efficient, and they are available in small packages. Therefore, they are widely applied in different devices such as laser printers, security systems, barcode readers, autonomous vehicles, fiber optic communication, robotic applications, and many more. 

Key Specs of 905nm Laser Diodes

  • The wavelength of 905nm 
  • Output power levels of 75W, 50W, 25W all in pulse mode
  • Package of 5.6mm
  • Operating temperature of 85 degrees Celsius
  • In-built photodiode

Key Features of 905nm laser Diodes

These high-powered laser diodes are designed with several power levels, including 75 watts, 50 watts, and 25 watts when pulsed at 0.01 percent duty. Since they are infrared laser diodes, 905nm laser diodes are tailored to work in higher temperatures of up to 85 degrees Celsius.

The 905nm laser diodes are reliable, robust, and thermally effective solutions containing a compact 5.6 mm package. Additionally, the diodes integrate an in-built photodiode allowing continuous performance monitoring.

Applications of 905nm Laser Diodes

These laser diodes are perfectly fitted to a wide range of engineering robotics applications. The durability and reliability exhibited by these laser diodes will guarantee consistent system performance. With these infrared laser diodes, companies can offer the best solution for a broad range of applications such as automotive, laser range finders, LiDAR, industrial optical modules, and sensor applications. 

The Operating Wavelength for 905nm Laser Diodes

Note that all 905nm laser diodes are super pulsed. So, laser diodes designed to operate in this range should be switched on and off (pulsed) to keep the diodes from overheating. The wavelength is extremely popular since superposing the laser eliminates the risk of eye damage. It’s also unique since it interacts primarily with the iron available in the hemoglobin.