Types Of Pallet Rack Protectors

Pallets are crucial in holding engineering materials and go through extreme roughness and damage at the hands of course materials. Additionally, the pallets pose a threat to the workforce if not grounded adequately. Hence, pallet rack protectors are a must to ensure safety.

What are pallet racks?

Pallet Rack is a material handling storage device designed to store palletized or bundled commodities and products. Pallet racking comes in various forms and manufacturers. Still, they all have the same goal: to increase storage density by stacking pallets off the ground and maximizing vertical space. Pallets or other products are put into pallet racks using fork trucks designed for that purpose.

Causes of pallet rack collapse

Before appreciating the usefulness of pallet racking protection, one must first understand the most common reasons for system failure. The following are some of the reasons:


Collisions with vehicles

If the operator is not careful, vehicles like forklifts can crash with pallet racking. Operators frequently underestimate the distance between the vehicle and the racking and accidentally bump a product, causing the entire rack to tumble.


Poorly constructed racking

Pallet racking should be built to Pallet Racking Standards AS 4084-2012 specifications. Products and materials that do not fulfill this requirement have structural defects, which can cause the pallet to fall over. Before using the system, make sure the pallet is created professionally and satisfied with all industry criteria.


Uneven system foundation

The pallet racking’s base ensures that the entire structure is stable. The structure can become imbalanced if the floor underneath it is uneven. After then, it’ll only be a matter of time before the racking begins to fall.

Types of pallet rack protectors

Rack guards or pallet rack protectors preserve more than just the property in a warehouse, as owners and managers are well aware. It also safeguards staff from potentially dangerous mistakes. There is minimal room for error when the heavy gear is used around inventories.


Guard for a Rack

The Rack Mounted Guard is a heavy-duty guard that can be readily installed around various rack sizes. Its bright yellow exterior is difficult to ignore. The impact criteria defined in the BS EN 15512 regulations are met by these guards composed of polyethylene.


Rack Guard with Shock Absorption

The Shock-Absorbing Rack Guard is specifically intended to protect pallet rack columns. It’s strengthened with a rubber core to deflect forklift and pallet jack impacts. These guards are zinc electroplated to prevent corrosion and fit around standard pallet rack 3″x 1″ and 3″x 3″ columns.


End Protector for Racks

Nothing will slam into the pallet racking and bring it crashing down to utilize the Rack End Protector. This protective system isn’t going away, thanks to 10″ steel anchors that secure 55 pounds of flexible steel to the floor. It deflects glancing attacks and bears the brunt of direct hits. It stands out, just like the Rack Mounted Guard.



Pallet rack protectors are designed to withstand regular bumps, knocks, and accidents. To maintain a safe workplace for everyone, three types of rack protection solutions are available.