The new reading game

Not all kids are proficient readers, some are amazing while others struggle. If the kids are struggling with reading then it can make the parents frustrated too. The kids lose confidence and their performance at school declines too. Parents, tutors or other instructors cannot improve the reading because it is a process of trial and error.

 The more the child will read, the more he will learn and will start getting better. However, when the kids feel that they are not reading well or doing good, they start running away from it. Due to this, it becomes even more frustrating to make them read. The children who are struggling with reading are usually those who have less developed pre-processing skills. The new reading game is a game which addresses the pre-processing skills of the children while making them better readers.

It is a revolutionary software program, for the children who have poor reading skills. It has been c-created with “the game agency”. The game is a hi-tech program which intends to improve the delays and deficiencies in reading. This program is a designed in a way that it focuses upon improving the reading accurately and easily, it also gets rid of the reading deficiencies permanently. It focuses upon the correct pronunciation, comprehension, fluency while reading, enhancement of memory, recognition of speed, vocabulary development and so many other aspects of reading. Above all, it has the capability to improve all the aspects that are related to reading. Children gain their confidence back and start reading with a good pace.

To start the reading, the parents select the text that they want their kids to read. Once the text is selected, the sentences are flashed upon the screen and the words flow from left to read which the kids read, this improves their comprehension and also allows them to read at a good speed. This way, the habit of reading right to left is eliminated and too much eye movement is also reduced.

 Too much eye movement may cause forgetfulness, lack of understanding and even confusion, this method reduces a lot of eye movement. It also has the aspect of digital flashcard reading, it flashes single words on the screen which the children can read and recall, this will enhance their vocabulary and will enable them to learn the meanings of different words. The software also has speech feedback, this allows them to naturally learn various words. The best thing about this software is that it is attractive for the kids, they not only learn with it but they also enjoy reading through it. When the children are having fun with something, they like to do it more and more. Hence, the kids start using the new reading game more often and will end up improving their reading scores and academic performance.

The mission of this game is to improve the reading scores of the children in America and o also improve their academic performance. This game is beneficial for kids who have, slow and labored reading, poor reading rates, difficulty in remembering what they read, wandering minds while reading, avoidance of reading, letter order confusion, decreased comprehension of reading, sign of frustration over reading and so many others.

The left to right movements of the words allow the kids to develop the brains directionality of reading so they become better at comprehension. The exact movement of the windows of the software, allows the kids to prevent long pauses. The speed of the movement of the windows will be slow but the child will be able to read fast, comfortably with the help of this software. This software also helps kids form the correct neural pattern so that they are able to proficiently.

This game is one of its kind because it not only improves the reading skills of the children but it also focuses upon the accuracy of the reading of the children, if the pre-processing skills of the children are improved then they will be able to learn to better and the accuracy will increase even with the increase of difficulty level. Also, this game focuses upon the confidence of the children, better reading skills and improved performance at school, gives confidence to the children.