The first season of Vikings was a hit across the world with millions of us tuning in to see what the Vikings were getting up to, but the new season is not living up to what fans of the show expected as it is not as good as the first one with different characters taking part. Many movie and film fans placed their bets on if the new seasons will be a hit or not ad many of them were visiting casino non aams at where they would be placing their bets.

Will there be another season?

It is expected that there will be another season to follow this one due to the show still being popular even though it is not as good as the first season. The new episodes have an ok storyline and the Vikings have set up camps across England after agreeing on a peace deal with the king in return for their lands they would have to fight the king’s enemies if they ever invaded, and the king would fight with the Vikings against their enemies as well.

With how the last episode went off the new season it does look certain that we can expect to see more episodes from the show, and this is exciting the Viking fans as they are expecting the new episodes to be better than the ones that they have recently watched. The first season will be hard to beat as all the episodes were action-packed with battles and a lot of drama which was entertaining, to say the least.

Vikings Valhalla

Vikings Valhalla is a follow on from the first Vikings season and the storyline is quite good although some of the episodes are quite dull and boring with not much happening in them which has disappointed a lot of Viking fans due to them expecting there to be a lot more violence and action just like there was in the first season.

If there are some new episodes, they will need to be better than the previous ones to ensure that they do not disappoint fans of the show. Filming has reportedly already started to take place for the next season of Viking Valhalla so only time will tell if the new episodes can deliver a better response than the first ones or if they will be a disappointment again.