The Pros & Cons of Drinking Kombucha Tea in Singapore

Are you curious about trying kombucha tea in Singapore after seeing it on the shelf of your grocery store? Before purchasing that drink, you need to know about the positive and negative aspects of the beverage. Read this article to learn more about the pros and cons of drinking kombucha tea.

Rich in Probiotics

One of the production stages that a kombucha drink in Singapore undergoes is the fermentation process. During this time, bacteria grow inside the beverage. Some of these include probiotics, which have a beneficial effect on your digestive system. Take this drink to improve your digestive health or treat digestive issues.

May Have High Sugar Content

However, it is worth noting that some kombucha products in Singapore use sugar during the fermentation process. Therefore, you may want to ignore this drink if you are limiting your sugar intake.

Helps Prevent or Manage Diabetes

Fortunately, there are alternatives if you want to drink kombucha tea in Singapore while trying to limit sugar intake. Research on which brands use sugar substitutes. Taking these products can help reduce your blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it can reduce your risk of diabetes.

Can Be Risky for Pregnant Women

If you are carrying a child, it might be ideal to avoid drinking kombucha tea in Singapore. These beverages may contain ingredients, such as alcohol and caffeine, which are not beneficial for pregnant women. Furthermore, pure kombucha, or unpasteurised, contains bacteria harmful to an unborn baby. Listeria is one of the possible harmful bacteria found in this drink, which can cause miscarriage or stillbirth if it enters your body.

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